confusion vs. indecision (holly says relax)

One of the strange and yet flatteringly lovely aspects of blogging is that, if you stay with it and your blog takes roots and grows, people start getting in touch asking to swap links, promote their clients, etc. So the other day when I got an email from someone who started off by saying 'I'm Nina from confused.com's press office' I was like uh-huh.. she was writing to say:

"Given that LFW is on I thought you might be interested in a statistic that has come from a national survey, that we have just conducted, of 5,000 people. We wanted to find out just how confusing the UK finds fashion. Interestingly one of the stats that came from the results showed us that over half of us (53%) are worried about being inappropriately dressed at big events and as much as 67% of us are confused about the term “smart/casual”."

She went on to say if I wanted to know more about the results to drop her a line. Which I did. I was laughing my head off because it's so true! What the HELL does smart casual mean anyway? Would this dress fall in that category? It's definitely smart, and it's not black tie red carpet... yeah I'd call this frock smart casual.

Apart from that what, you may ask, does it have to do with this post? Well I was sitting there with Mr. Dot, not watching Mastermind while he was shouting out the right answers and the contestants getting them wrong, and I start looking at the shots I took at Holly Fulton's show and just thought, this is insane. I can't post every single shot but I can't decide: I love them all.

Holly's catwalk paper on the seat thingy (is it a press release? is there a term for it?) says 'the look is rooted in 1960s cruise wear reworked for the modern woman..' but I didn't expect it to blow me away like it did. I feel disloyal to my other favourite designers like Ashish and Kinder Aggugini but following swiftly in the heels of David Koma, which was amazing, this show just knocked my socks off.

Still, this post is made up of six shots I took within seconds, of the same dress. At this rate, I'm going to have to start a blog and call it The Holly Fulton Catwalk S/S 2011 Blog. I mean, I am THAT wishy washy right now. Does that make me confused?

As I asked Nina, what is the difference between confusion and indecision? Because it seems to me confused means you need more information from someone else where as indecision is.. well, indecision. In any case - how cool is this - she's not asking me to promote anything, but she did tell me about a website they've built called 'confused nation' - a 'a one stop shop where people get support in dealing with confusion around a number of different topics' which will even have a 'leading psychologist' with a Dr. before his name, which will be an on-going site to help people deal with 'decision crises'.

I wonder if that applies to editing photographs.

Oh! I love this one:

"The most confused person in Britain is likely to be a 17 year old girl living in Cardiff, whereas the least confused person is likely to be a 60 year old man living in Edinburgh." You may think I'm sad to find this fascinating on a Friday night but hey- I've just come off fashion week and this is my way of relaxing.

And as Holly's handbags said on the catwalk: HOLLY SAYS RELAX. I've got some great shots of a model wearing a bag spelling it out in sequins but I don't dare go there. Tomorrow, maybe. But we've still got the Olivia post to contend with.


Love Food said...

What a beautiful dress!
I know exactly what you mean about smart/casual, I'm always puzzled by what that means, think perhaps I should take a look at that site.
Oh by the way, did you get my email about a mini blogger meet up next week?

Lydia xxx

the style crusader said...

i absolutely love the whole story behind this post... additional random points:
1. your 'Dr' comment is too funny.
2. my dad has a baseball hat that says 'Relax' above the hat and whenever he gets antsy we say 'dad, remember your hat' maybe we all need holly's clutches so we can remember the same thing... i haven't even seen it yet and i'm already convinced i need.
3. the graphic on that dress is stunning
4. the soft aqua shade is so perfectly you.
5. am having an equally un-exciting night in... and am using the same excuse to justify my lameness.
6. smart/casual is a biatch. for me it always symbolizes what you have to wear to an interview or some occasion where you have to look respectable but don't have to try to hard - for men that equals: nice khakis or slacks (do people use that work in the UK) and button up shirt or nice merino v-neck sweater... for girls it is just an infinite wasteland of CONFUSION.

i think that's all (for now). xx

slowdownapproaching30 said...

How funny! I was once a confused 17 year girl from Cardiff! Today I'm still equally confused but now I'm 30 and living in London! I think confusion is a constant in my life!

What I do know is that i love this dress especially the print - it's very art deco.

Stela ALVES said...

Wonderful dress!!!

Lucy said...

Ah this post made me laugh! In an appreciative way! I love how you added those facts, how interesting! :) x