one true shot

During the same time that I was making Dree Hemingway jump, at Waterloo Station after the Tophop Unique show, I also shot a lot of other people, some models, some civilians. One - this girl - was really really nice, but she was clearly so exhausted, and I was respectful of her time. I just wasn't getting the shot.

Until a little later, when I turned around, and there was something about the light. That's what I was waiting for: my one true shot.

A comment last night from Ann, of Glamourshoes, inspired this post. She said "... I actually have a copy of A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway, in my purse. In it, he tells himself not to worry (about his writing), that all you have to do is "write one true sentence", and then you can go on from there..."

That's all I have to say. And no, I don't know who this model is. But if that guy from Blade Runner had a daughter.. Rutger Hauer.. actually, wasn't Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner? This girl could be their love child.


Adorngirl said...

I was trying to put my finger on exactly who she reminded me of when I scrolled the pictures, and reading your words, made me laugh out loud, as she cold be their love child.

Ann said...

Oh! Look at that! You did get the one true shot! The hair is inspiring! Halloween is near! Can you get me some of those lucite shoes?

I've had that book in my purse since August and I read pieces of it whenever I have to wait somewhere, but I hear that one passage in the book all the time now(in my own head) and it's proving to be quite helpful when I'm stuck.

SabinePsynopsis said...

YES! Blade Runner prodigy - that's her! Daryl Hannah's love child, I'm sure.