O, Jackie: what Next?

First, can I just say, Shini knows the BEST places. I've yet to do a post about a cafe we went to recently. Last night we had a nice girls' night out early dinner @ Vapiano, on Great Portland Street. It's the most amazing concept - basically choose your topping, pizza or kind of pasta, and these really cute guys who can cook make it to order while you wait. I mean, I defy anyone, male or female, depending on your preference, to be able to resist a man who can cook.

It was unusually hot yesterday - okay, it was COOL but compared to how it's been - and when Jackie, the Platform Princess, arrived, she looked absolutely stunning. But she was really hot, even with her bare legs. Jen and I had arrived first and were hanging out in the glassed in lounge, sun streaming in. Jackie was like 'Why is it so HOT?' (Uh, Jacks, it's August).

Her jumper as dress was absolutely stunning, and I loved the way she styled it with a skinny belt, and bare legs with little black ankle socks and brogues. She had just bought the jumper at Next. They have it online as a 'ribbed tunic' (I looked it up - would you believe the belt is included, and it's all just £30?). I'd have probably bought it in navy (I'm tempted) cause I buy everything in navy, but I'm really loving this colour.

Even while I was swimming today (outside! In a heated pool!) I was thinking about this colour business. Again. I mean, the whole 'nude' thing: there was such a range of nude, from beige to tan to pale petal pink.. it's the same with the Camel Bandwagon. I like the way Next unapologetically calls this colour simply Tan. It's actually a yellowy, almost pumpkin tan. It's SO autumn 2010. I can feel a colour palette forming: cranberry and navy and these variations of camel, always with something black.. and then of course the jades and forest greens with midnight blue and to give it some real sparkle, variations of purple and back to the wine and reds.. it's exciting. It reminds me of colours I wore as a child. It's all so back to school.

Jackie's brogues are by Church, bag, Louis Vuitton. Tunic with belt, Next. Oh! How funny! I see she's already got her post up: Kit got her shots to her first. Check it out. Yeah, forgot to mention the part where she & Jen tried to do a runner ; )


jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

as i said on jackie's blog, i love her jumper! i tried it on a couple of weeks ago but it just didn't sit right on me, shame really, as i adore the colour. these shots are great. the shot of you in the mirror reminds me of the photographs saskia, abi and i took when we went out for lunch at a lovely place called story deli on brick lane. we have posted about it on all of our blogs :)

sounds like you had a wonderful time, i'd love to meet up with bloggers more!


Platform P said...

These shots are great, thanks for your lovely words. But my legs look soo short and stumpy Jill *hides behind sofa* why don't I have 17 year olds legs like you? To answer your question (left on my blog) NO MORE FLATS!

Always great to spend time with you Jill, you're such a star, see you at FW.


Kit said...

Those brogues are from Churches? Someone's got tasteeeee ;P

styleeast said...

What a stylish lady she is, she looks great. Ha, I just saw Jackie said 'hides behind sofa', just like I did on my recent post - no need lovely lady! x

C. Anne said...

Stunning! That shade against her skin is just luscious. This jumper reminds me of a beautiful dries van noten one that used to be photographed all the time.

Anonymous said...

Cor isn't that a great Next dress? I love it! And so affordable as well.

Also those look like some pretty fab pair of brogues, and there's no shoes I appreciate more than brogues.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I really don't like that look on her. Pants? Skirt? longer socks maybe? As is? No way.

jill said...

Beweave: not every look is for everyone, and I'm glad you were able to speak your mind in a way that didn't hurt Jackie's feelings (J don't you agree?)

I'm really hoping this blog can become a forum where we can have different opinions. I don't know about you but when I go to those blogs - you know the ones I mean - where someone puts up just photos of themselves and everyone gushes 'I'm so jealous of your legs/shoes/boyfriend/whatever' and then says 'come see my blog'... I'm not about that. I'm just about throwing ideas out there and seeing where they go.

Thank you for your comments. Jennifer East, see? That's how the 'underwear as outerwear' thing started. You've coined a phrase! *hides behind sofa*. Gonna start using it.

As for Jackie, it's so true, we always save the worst criticism for ourselves. Your legs are gorgeous! Luscious and smooth and chocolatey. I was actually thinking that when I was shooting you.

But you know what? I feel a future post coming up: I"m going to try a kind of Barbie doll dress up thing - if I can - with you in the same outfit but other shoes. Or pants/skirt. Beweave, I think you're onto something!

Must run. xo

the style crusader said...

beautiful photos. that was such a whirlwind day. was so wonderful to see you. p.s. i love everything about jackie's outfit. especially those churches (swoooon) ...

SabinePsynopsis said...

Sounds like a great place and I think she looks wonderful in the TAN sweater dress (no way, you DO NOT have short legs, Jackie - they look miiiiiles long). It's not an easy outfit to pull off and it looks so cool and effortless on her!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Polka Dot ~ I can't help but think with black thigh highs it would be adorable for my tastes. I think it's the short socks with oxfords that isn't working for me. Now I like short socks with oxfords but I dunno. Not quite there yet here. It cuts her legs off in a funny place for me I guess. The sweater with belt is cute. And yes, Jackie, you are darling.

Love Food said...

Oh Jackie looks lovely! And I'm sure it would look great in navy too. Would love to meet up with you all when I get back to London.

Lydia xxx

Matthew Spade said...

really nice outside she has, love the shoes, they suit her loads

Zara said...

I think she looks really classy, ADORE that camel colour on her.. the combination of that palette of colours is absolutely perfect. I also think that the brogues & ankle socks look great, as would something similar in style like ballet pumps... Knee high socks would be too harsh a contrast with the elegance of the dress and of jackie herself.

Ahh I would have loved to have crashed the pizza party and seen Shini/Kit again & met you and Jen! :) I submitted my masters dissertation (12,000 words) on the morning of the 31st August and was left wandering about the goodge street area (where I was staying) for the next two days, not knowing what to do with myself because I had to wait until after bank holiday monday to bind & submit a hard copy. It was such a weird feeling!

Your blog is one of my faves at the moment - your candid shots and personal anecdotes are always a refreshing read :)

Geisha xoxo