if the shoe fits

Okay, here's another thing I love about blogging: I did the post on Jackie yesterday and she looked at the shots of herself and decided she didn't like the way her gorgeous Church's and ankle socks worked with her Next tunic. Then Beweave said the same thing. What I love about blogging is the Code: people are mostly complimentary of each other and when they're critical, it's not cruel or hurtful, just constructive.

And I started thinking, yeah, as great as I thought she looked, this time of year especially, if she wore bare legs and boots... so I started playing around on net-a-porter. What a fascinating range of shoes and boots are out there!

I don't want to sway public opinion, but I definitely have my favourites - for her, and in general. I chose a lot more than I've put here, some just because I felt they were so wrong wrong wrong, but there wasn't enough room. One trend from last year that's still going strong - the flat black suede over the knee style - is KILLING me, because years before anyone had them, I found a vintage pair by some American designer (Anne something?) in a thrift shop on Long Island. They were faux suede, like stretch velvet, and I wore them with everything. After a while, they started stretching out - or my legs were too thin - and they'd fall down, like stretched out socks, but that was the fun of them.

A few seasons ago, I finally had to regretfully put them to rest. I couldn't even give them away, they had to go out with the trash. Gone, but not forgotten.

So which do you think Jackie should get? The 'Sultane 140 suede pumps' by Louboutin, number 4, for £945? Or number 11, the 'explorer shearling-lined leather boots' by Burberry Prorsum for £495? Or the Mou eskimo boots (number 17) for £235? I'm loving a lot by Chloe this season, and I didn't include them in this group but click here to see a pair of Louboutins that I love, they're actually navy wool with brass buttons, like a coat.

But a colour combination that I'm really loving right now - it's so back-to-school autumnesque - is the wine coloured leather of the flat leather Bottega Veneeta boots (number 9, £655) against the almost pumpkin colour of Jackie's jumper/tunic and the warm tones of her skin.

Thanks to Net-a-Porter, for sucking me into the vortex of playing the shoe game, which is a portal almost impossible to escape from. Not like I'd actually buy any of these: even if I had unlimited funds, I'd be too scared I'd ruin them. I leave that to people like Hedvig, who actually OWNS number 6, the Acne 'Daring suede ankle boots' ('hedvig shoes some leg', august). Hey: if the shoe fits!


adrielleroyale said...

There are so many great choices! Since I'm far from a fashionista, some of my choices probably wouldn't fly with some but I'm gonna put it out there anyway! I like several and they are 1,5,6, and 8. 5 because I think it would brighten up the outfit a bit, 1 to warm it up, 6 for the easiest, and safest look (not to mention they're friggen awesome), and 8 to elongate her legs and sexy it up a bit. So there's my two cents! :)

Ann said...

I'm going with 3! Sexy Utilitarian! But 1 is my favorite pair on the whole board!

Anonymous said...

Oh, if she wears number 8... would be very sexy!

xoxo Sandra

S said...

For the Next dress, I like an ankle boot like numbers 5 & 16..

I think she should get 16!


Platform P said...

Haha, I didn't know this would get political Jill (I'm actually embarrassed now)!

Here's the thing, I was making a throw away comment (about my legs), as every woman has their 'thing' no? I actually liked the way the jumper worked with the socks & brogues, I just didn't like the way my legs worked with the outfit! ;-)
Beweave didn't like the way the outfit worked.

I personally would always go with ankle socks (or tights) and flats, with this sort of outfit, which may be a bit risque for some. I would never go with anything underneath, i.e jeans, as it's just not me. I figure, I'm young and the benefit of being young is being able to wear what you like without over-thinking. I've never been one to dress a certain way/wear things that 'suit me' and this is the perfect example... I'm not a fan of my legs, but still wear clothes that show them off (and forever will because I love fashion)- go figure! Life's too short and evidently so am I!

Anyho, as were picking, I'd say I'd have to go with 6, 16 or 8, for that extra jazz ;-)

Cute post Jill xx

jill said...

Thanks all! Jackie it's funny we never actually talked about this to each other but everything you said - EVERYTHING - is exactly the way I feel. I felt that way when I was 'young' and even now, when the world thinks I'm old but I don't feel any different. I hope to get older, still, and I hope that I'll still be allowed to wear what I want.

Looking forward to seeing more choices: let's play Dress Up Jackie! xo

styleeast said...

For the record, Jackie looked AMAZING in this outfit, I've been planning to unashamedly rip it off ever since. And I'd pick number 6 for the boots, they'd look great and Jackie's probably one of the few people who could actually walk in them! x

Anonymous said...

oh boy oh boy! I'm so glad to have been of service. :-)

Being an aging rocker (51) my favs are:

#4 for early fall dress up
#15 & 16 for any other time. I always go for the combo of tough/femme

Thanks for being such a good sport Jackie, the sweater, and you, are adorable.


Anonymous said...

Oh and I should say that the outfit did work in general but I think that ankle socks, when worn that low on the ankle cut the leg off at an unflattering place. I think that if I were to wear this outfit, I would pull the socks up a bit so the cut off line was higher on the leg. There's enough slouch in the sock to pull up a bit and yet still have some folds, yes?

But myself would have worn tights with the oxfords or footless tights. The shoes stay, it's only the socks that aren't working quite right for me.