imogen, you kill me

Imogen, of EIGHT London, is such a delightful. Day One at London Fashion Week, in all her hot pink leopard print bow glory.

I last saw Imogen at 2:14 p.m., in the press room, busy posting. Then - as she told me - she was off on a train to Devon I think - it's like a 4 hour ride - to a '21st' (birthday party, that is). Black tie. She's changing on the train. Then back in the morning, and no doubt, dewey eyed and all ready for London Fashion Week, S/S 2010, Day Two.

Bring it on.


Clara said...

I read her LFW post and absolutely loved it!

Matthew Spade said...

bring it on!

Unknown said...

Great pics! Love how she wears her bow on her head!


Style At Every Age said...

Pink and Leopard print together remind me of a beauty salon, or what mine wwould be decorated in if I owned one!