i know just how she feels

Backstage at Kinder Aggugini's AMAZING show.. was that only last night? Feels like years ago. I can't wait to show you the photos, from where I sat it's quite different than the end of the catwalk shots. I am seeing such incredible shows.

I'm so excited to show you all these images I've been gathering - like beautiful memories. It's like this gift I know I have for you but I can't give it to you yet because I'm SO FREAKING TIRED. We all are. I mean, there are some people who are just hanging out, watching, enjoying this amazing week in the miraculous warm sunshine, but among my blog-friends.. we were in the press room today @ tea time and they brought out free scones, gorgeous cheese, fruit, quince jelly, and Jennifer East and I were scoffing it down and Shini and Kit were just so tired they weren't hungry. It's like jet lag: things like hunger hit at the strangest hour. I had 'dinner at midnight: cookies and corn chips and apples and cheese and chocolate. While uploading photos.

But all that's NOTHING compared to how these girls must feel.


Maria Fallon said...

I have to say, that dinner sounds amazing! Can't wait to see more of your photos :)


Love Food said...

I really like her shirt and jeans.
I can't imagine how tired you must be, although hopefully I will find out next fashion week, going to try my best to get there!

Lydia xxx

styleeast said...

Those scones made my day! Fashion Week scones! (you can see I'm still enthusiastic, however tired I am). What a whirlwind. Loved it though, REALLY loved it. Roll on February.

And can I just say how lovely your outfit was today, Jill. Beautiful dress xxx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

great photographs, jill, you captured the atomsphere perfectly. i also know how she feels, that's how i felt for much of my time on friday and saturday. i'm feeling slightly better today, maybe i'll see you tomorrow?

p.s. there's a great picture of you on my blog, plus of course i've credited you for the one you took of me. thank-you! x

Shopgirl said...

Kinder Aggugini's show was my favourite that I've seen so far this season. I really want to try to get tickets for his show next February. That would be amazing!

Hope you get some rest and enjoy tomorrow! :) xx

Kit said...

Watching you scoffing down the jammed scones was like seeing a mirage, so tasty in fact my sour breath tasted like apricot and raspberry :S

Still very famished here.

Geneva Vanderzeil said...

Amazing photos Jill - thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I know how this girl felt, I cant wait to see more of your photos!