pinot noir

You've probably seen on Jen's blog (Style Crusader) by now - she's done it! Her dissertation, I mean! It's done! All 10,000 word of that bad boy, done and dusted, and she and Dr. Crusader are off for a much earned holiday for them both. They are like truly the BEST couple.

That's why we were at Vapiano the other day, celebrating. (Rule number one in photographing people: don't let the trees grow out of their heads. Well, rules are made to be broken).

I love the way Jen wore a little black dress as a jumper (in the American version of the term - not a sweater) over a fine jersey in a colour that I just love to bits right now. Altho I don't like red, I love this. It's been called (in English) Maroon, Burgundy.. the more precious fashion journalists might even call it 'Claret' but I think it's more of a Merlot.. no! I've got it! Haha, it just hit me. Pinot Noir. Get it? Noir? Black? Maroon and black? Oh, never mind.

Another oldie, but absolutely a goodie:


S said...

That is a plain old maroon colour to me and I love it! Jen looks great as usual :)


Platform P said...

<3 Jen. So happy her dissertation hell is over!


Miki said...

I really like UB40, especially this song. I remember my mom and I went together to their concert when they came here. It was in a big stadium and we had to wait forver (it was a festival), but it was so cool to have been able to go with her! =) Oh, nice memories!



Zara said...

Congrats to jen :) The lucky girl who is now in NYC! I'm dying to go back there, I absolutely love that city.

I handed my masters dissertation in too, all 12,000 words of it. What a relief!

PS. I commented on your post about jackie in her camel jumper-dress before realising it was quite low down on the page already! So here's another comment for luck. :)