kit kat @ kinder

Before the wondrous Kinder Aggugini show, I got my friend Kit Lee aka the Style Slicker, stylist, blogger extraordinaire, and 'companion' to Matthew Zorpas'*, to pose for me. (*Note to self: I really must ask her what that even means). I got some amazing photos of the show (Did anyone reading this, see it? What did you think?) - I'm not just saying that to spin you along - but I just popped in and must run out again and it takes time to go thru all the shots. I choose not to stay in the 'pit' and get the boring end-of-runway shots, so mine are shot from the middle aisle or if I'm lucky, front row, and it's very hit or miss: it's like big game hunting, those models do move like gazelles on the Serengeti Plain. Which is fitting, given his African theme this season.

Oh btw I just was with my friend Natayla who is now part of the Olivia Palermo story and we agreed, I really must tell you the story because it's like when someone says 'oh you must see this film' (because they weren't expecting anything and they were pleasantly surprised) and then, by the time you eventually see it, you go to your friend 'I didn't think it was all that great'.

It's the law of inverse proportions: the longer I drag this out, the more banal the story will seem. I know!! I can make shit up! You'll never know the difference.


Editor said...

I love the sleeves on her top!

Kit said...

Darling it means 'my-new-lfw-friend-whom-i've-befriended-with-we-got-on-so-well-we-started-to-hang-out' blah blah blah hahaha.

Fab pics Jill, I shoulda worn the cape-tee over with a velvet pencil skirt ;P

Love Food said...

Lovely pictures. They look very natural. And whats that picture in the background? Looks interesting :).

Lydia xxx

styleeast said...

What a lovely series of pictures. I loved this top/cape.

STILL waiting for the Olivia story, to see if it's better than the Julia story ;)

Shini said...

What I'm really loving is the juxtapositioning with the accordion dress in the background and kit's sheer curtain in the foreground. I bet 'companion' means something else MUehhehe

Platform P said...

I actually LOVE Kit. She's turning into one of my most favourite people. Her style is so personal and quirky. I actually called her Catwoman/batwoman in this cape (all day).