ciao, bella pierre!

One of the things I love about living in London (vs, say, NY) is I pretty much stopped wearing make-up when I got here. Not that I wore much before, apart from a NY Sex and the City phase. So when I signed in at the desk for the Saatchi show the other day and was told 'you can get your nails done in the salon upstairs' I just assumed it was a comment on what a bad job I'd done on mine.

But what I stumbled upon was such a new, exciting, innovative Aladdin's Cave of make up conception, I haven't stopped thinking about it since. This new, LA born company, BELLA PIERRE, goes straight to my artist's soul. Dozens of little pots of natural mined mica pigments. Clear nail varnish, lip gloss, and other make up products. It mixes with water.

Get my drift? Got the aha moment?

Got my nails done - my first manicure since my sister's wedding - by a lovely girl, 2nd to top shot. Typing this with my lovely lovely nails - in haste as Mr. Dot is in the car now to go to the in-laws for the weekend and his parting words to me were 'if I come back in five minutes, swear to God, Jill, I will punch you.'

Have a lovely weekend all!

p.s. Didn't get a chance to find the link before we left but the girl with the glasses is my new friend Michelle, of Who is Bobb Parris (isn't that the BEST name for a blog?) We had met thru Jen, had a great day together a week or so ago, and then while I was getting my nails done, she appeared. Her red lips were done in Bella Pierre. I'll do a separate post about it/her soon.


daisychain said...

I started using Bella Pierre eyeshadows a few years ago. What an utterly brilliant brand.

Pearl Westwood said...

Looks like great party make up!

styleeast said...

Love the shot of the girl in the big glasses, she looks gorgeous. And the colours on your nails look great, Jill! x

The Photodiarist said...

Did Mr. Dot really say that?

Adorngirl said...

oooh lovely must have been nice to be pampered, after tripsing around so many different showrooms, not familiar with the brand but will check it out. x

jill said...

daisychain: Always knew you were ahead of the curve ; )

Pearl: I know!

Jennifer East: just added who she is to the post - that's Michelle, you have to meet her, she's a new(ish) blogger too - well, new to me - and is so cool AND some of her posts are street style. She's Competition!! Worthy competition I might add.

Photodiarist: Yes. I was thinking as we drove off (and all was fine of course) how alarming that might sound to people. Until I met him - I can't explain - I'd have thought 'abusive' but it's hard to explain: his bark is worse than his bite. No, correction: he's all bark. But it doesn't make it less scary at the time. It's a very convincing bark.

Ashanti: it's funny but if you don't get manicures (I don't), it doesn't feel at all like pampering. It's actually a strange feeling, slightly unsettling. But she - the girl who did it - was soooo sweet. And it was a great event, truly, I'd recommend it. Like a mini Somerset House but in the setting of the Saatchi Gallery: amazing.

adrielleroyale said...

Jill you are so hilarious sometimes! You're hubby sounds like quite the character! Anyway, thank you for the much needed chuckle! ;)