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It's hard to believe that in London, fashion 'press week' is still going on! It's lovely to be invited to events - they really are creatively, beautifully done and I appreciate the effort people go into making them a success. My challenge, tho, is that I have so many photos I want to show you and yet I don't want my blog to be a whole PR puff piece.. well you know what I'm talking about, especially if you, too, have a fashion blog. Am I the only one who can't wait for it to be Thursday- and Thanksgiving- so this can just stop? And then, the Christmas madness begin!

How do you work around it: the Press Day Posting issue? Do you alternate posts? I could use some suggestions. I mean, I feel manners are so important, and that it's rude not to post soon after visiting - but how long is too long? A week? Month? Year?

Is there a sell-by date for posting?

My heart still beats the most for one of my first events. It was the day of the Tube Strike - or one of the days but the crazy day. Shini and I were East, other friends were in the West End, no one could get where they were going.. it was like being snowed in. And we were in the BEST place: the huge, beautiful, warm, light open plan gorgeous showroom that is ROBINSON PFEFFER.

And to give you an idea how cool and nice and lovely and wonderful they are there, each time I apologise in an email for not posting yet, they just keep saying 'it's okay, really, don't stress about it, whenever..' I need to take a deep breath and start posting. It doesn't have to be perfect, doesn't have to be a theme... well this theme is just kind of round dots and beigey images. From top: me trying on the DRESS UP trench (available at LIBERTY LONDON), which was such a luxurious gorgeous perfect trench (I didn't realise, Shini was trying it on while I was talking to Pip I think). Then a men's shirt from The Stolen Girlfriends Club (more about them coming up), the rings that look like little old fashioned band aids - that's 'plasters' to you Brits - are by TOBY JONES, available online at OKI-NI.

And last but not least - never least - is Shini in a necklace by Mimi of Brook & Lyn: on the left is what she wore that day, on the right is a top by Obakki, at Austique. Hope I got it right but if in doubt just contact the lovely folk @ RP: they're amazing. And I have so so much more I want to show you. But at least it's a start.


Maria Fallon said...

I always post when I am happy with the photos and if I feel that I have done the event justice. I think it can be annoying for people to read the same thing on lots of blogs but surely you can just skim the text and look at the pictures or something?! I love the trench and the cranberry coloured tights are absolutely adorable, it is such a nice colour with beiges and browns!

Maria xxx

jill said...

Thank you, Maria. That's been my biggest stumbling block: trying to source everything - and in the case of the lovely Robinson & Pfeffer people, they haven't even asked for that, it's been me who has asked thing like 'where can you get this brand'. That's what makes it feel like homework.

I'm just gonna post pictures - who has time to read all this text anyway. See, I made a cry out for help to the universe and you're the angel who answered my calls. Now on to read your blog and cut & paste this long reply!

Thanks Maria xox

The Photodiarist said...

No need to worry about posting when or whenever. Just post them as you feel like it. It's all new to the rest of us anyway. But you'd better write text, Jill! That's an order. Your funny tales are the hallmark of your blog!

obakki said...

Thanks for popping by Robinson Pfeffer.

More on your visit here:



Damsels said...

these clothes look amazing youre so luck you got the invite. you look gorgeous by the way . that trench coat is perfection!

Maria Fallon said...

Yeah I do think your stories are what make this blog so fascinating- all the little insights into people's lives but I think if people do get bored of reading the same reviews/write-ups on lots of blogs then they should just skim over the post rather than complaining about it! Sorry that wasn't really clear in my first comment!!!

Maria xxx

m said...

mmmmmmm the colour of those tights! gorgeous and rich