speaking of eskimos..

There's more to this post: just popped in from tea with the most charming older friends, Dennis is 86 and a scientist from Cambridge who co-invented the electron microscope, our host, Major Bobby Collins, also in his 80s and the most amusing, charming man, and the most magnificent lady, my friend Barbara Clapham who is 96. Now off across town to an art launch. I love my life.

Hope you're having the most magic of days today. Doing anything interesting?


Ellie said...

Your life sounds pretty perfect to me, what a wonderful bunch of people to spend your evening with!

Thank you for your epic comment last night, how fun it was to read! Thank you ever so much for adding me to your links, I feel very honored :)

Oh dear, not a very interesting evening for me, a chinese takeaway and a night on watching comedy on tv :( Off to visit my parents this weekend though, which I cannot wait for! Hope you have a fun weekend planned! xx

Li said...

we were just speaking about Eskimo and here you are ;-)

our morning was brilliant - but now it gets gloomy ... tea, computer, internet, design, catch up - pretty much summarize my day,


Chuck said...

That sounds like an excellent afternoon... x