In Oxford, as before. I promise I'll tell you why we were laughing in the Squatters post. Just not now. Late for a breakfast thingy. Have a lovely lovely day Kittens! xoxo


San said...

Thanks for posting these, they lifted me out of my horrible mood (procrastinated moving). Nothing like having a fun time with dear friends.

Have a great day Jill.

Zara said...

very cute :)

i've been in oxford loads over the past few weeks... we need to run into each other more!


Heather said...

They are so adorable:) I'm dying to know what these posts are all about!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

great pics. fresh and dynamic. yeah, i wanna in on the jokes!

Li said...

love love smiling girls .... i really do enjoy park & cube ...btw: was this taken on a froggy morning? the feel is so mystic, i love it, xx

Kit said...

I have the fattest lips ever! Hahahaha