my wish list

You might notice that I don't tend to do 'wish lists': that's probably because - something you might also have noticed - my blog, while being about style in general, street style often specifically, is rarely about consumerism in general. As trends evolve, I'm more likely to shop my own wardrobe. I have never gone online for some retail therapy.

That doesn't mean I don't love and admire and appreciate and learn and absorb and delight in those objects of desire created by people to be worn.

As I come off weeks of press events - an honour to be part of - and start to sift thru my treasures and jewels, my photographs of STUFF - I want to take this day that is most sacred to me, Thanksgiving, my family's personal favourite holiday, to send my wish to you: that you feel grateful for what you have, and have what you need, and the rest is just want, but that your happiness isn't based on it.

That's my wish list: it's pretty short. I wish - for me, for you - that whatever you have today, it is enough. All the rest is just icing on the cake.

On my list of things I'm grateful for, those things that are most difficult to depict in photographs, in no particular order, clockwise from left: My Motel faux leopard coat, 2nd season, which keeps me safe and warm, my new GIFTED Kurt Geiger shoes (I chose the ones I'd be least likely to buy, because my friend Carrie, from Wish Wish Wish, who was at the event too, said she felt a gift is the best time to go outside one's comfort zone, stylistially). I'm also grateful for: beaches in the world that are still clean and swimmable, our cat, Tigger aka Pooh, who was our previous cat and who lived and died bravely and before he went, I asked him to 'come back and find us' and he has, in the form of our new cat, Reincarnated Pooh, and my family, who I cherish and miss, some of whom are shown here.

I'm also grateful to my Man, my husband, Mr. Dot, who walked up to Whole Foods to buy the last tin of Libby's pumpkin so I can make my pie, and whose bark is worse than his bite. My friends, old and new. My good health, and the good health of the people I love. Our governments, here in the UK and back home in America, who keep us safe, and free. My father, who, with my mother, made everything possible and who, I know, watches over my family and me. Have I left anything out? Oh yes, all of you who come here: most of you don't comment, but I can see you're here, and it your support that's the reason I do this. And because I do, a whole world has opened up to me, and for that, I'm eternally grateful.

Off to make some pie. Happy Thanksgiving, whether you're American or not. That's what I love about the day: it has nothing to do with race, religion, or nationality. It's just about feeling grateful, and eating stuffing. Another thing I am grateful for, as, along with pumpkin pie, it's like the best invention on the planet.

What are you grateful for?


Ellie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jill! I hope you have a wonderful day and eats lots of lovely pumpkin pie! I'm jealous, I haven't had any in ages!

I love this because I am content- even if I receive no glittering presents this year I would not mind in the slightest. They are purely a bonus. Time spent with family is worth an infinite amount more.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jill from across the "pond". Enjoy your pie and your meal. I am grateful that we have become friends again.... although it feels like we were never "not" friends.


Lizzy said...

What a lovely post - I love reading your blog generally and this post made me stop and think for a bit. Spreading the Thanksgiving spirit! I am grateful that I get to spend Christmas with my family, relaxing and forgetting about work and life and how complicated the two can be. I will also be extra grateful to the weather gods if there is lots of snow!

Happy Thanksgiving! Mmm, pumpkin pie, much jealousy. And Reincarnated Pooh is a beautiful cat (with an awesome name!). xx

Adele @ THOMASSENLAND said...

This is a lovely post.. happy thanksgiving.


Ana Frost said...

"Every day of our lives we should listen to a good music, read a little bit of poetry and contemplate a beautiful painting, so that the worries of our days wouldn´t make us forget the sense of the beauty that God put in the human soul".
Dear Jill, I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

San said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm grateful that I finally moved out. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Thanksgiving.Its not a holiday I celebrate as such living in England but I appreciate the sentiments of giving thanks.
I am grateful to be alive and to have people around me that love me and suppport me. That is all I ever need.

Andie said...

Happy Thanksgiving—from one expat to another.

{Love, Love, Love} said...

Happy thanksgiving Jill; a lovely post! I too had a reincarnated cat; my cat Oliver who was sadly hit by a car turned into Frisbee who we found at the shelter. Sadly he disappeared in April but they both brought us much happiness and I am thankful for that. We still have HRH, Oliver's sister; high maintenance, but I love her none-the-less x

daisychain said...

I love the shoes you chose!

Sara said...

You're a lovely person, Jill. I'm grateful for many things including all the lovely people in this world.

Miki said...

This is a nice post, Jill :). I'm thankful for having had my parents in good health for 28 years and having learnt so much from just watching them be themselves. I'm also thanful for having been able to meet my other half (something I'd never thought I would) and for having my sister and Dimitri; and for always having a plate of food on my table, even when I was/am pretty broke.

That's a beautiful kitty, bu the way! :) Have a nice Thanksgiving day!

AmberCat said...

Happy ThanksGiving,

..and just in case you do decide to keep a wishlist you could try YouCouldGetme.com

As well as letting your friends and family know what you like it is a great place for keeping reminders for yourself.

SabinePsynopsis said...

What a wonderful list, Jill. You are so right - health, family, friends, love is what makes us tick - all the rest are enjoyable pleasures (nothing against a nice leopard print, gotta tell you about my new addition :)
Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! xo

slowdownapproaching30 said...

Happy Thanksgiving... it's so important to stop and think sometimes and be grateful for the simple things in life! I'm excited for Christmas this year, just so I can spend some time with my family eating, drinking and generally being merry! Thanks for always posting so beautifully!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jill, for your lovely post. It reminded me of a similar sentiment re gratitude that I recently read on on "Aging Abundantly", http://agingabundantly.wordpress.com/2010/05/28/gratitude-is-essential-to-aging-abundantly/

Good health, family, supportive friends, a cozy home, nourishing food, clean water and cats are definitely on my list too.

It's been unusually cold on Canada's west coast, so I am also grateful for silk underwear.

Louise formerly Anon.

Catarina said...

Great post. The DIY sunglasses are lovely.