lady like: magenta, in white

For anyone who is new to the blog - or even if you're not - please don't listen to anything I say. I am such a hypocrite. I can make these extreme statements like 'I never wear girly girl clothes, not ever', for example, and then this weekend I saw an article in the Times Style section (along with one gushing about the same look we all love - masculine tailoring, androgynous, altho it's not really androgynous, is it, it's just girls dressing like boys) and there it was: the trend everyone is wearing this season is Ladylike. Mad Men inspired, (altho what they don't get is, that 50s silhouette was only on SOME women, in season one, but never mind).

And I realised what a hypocrite I am: I've been wearing exactly what they've been talking about, for years. It's basically 'ladylike, with a twist': classic court heels but with ankle socks... I've been trying to go back to a post I could have sworn I did, of myself, last Feb fashion week but I'm going to be late for something so will have to continue this thought later.

Meanwhile, just a quick introduction to MAGENTA. The cape/jacket is alpaca which is the softest, non itchy wool. We met the designer, she is wonderful. To be continued.


Cecille said...

wish i have some of them..

styleeast said...

This second shot is lovely, so soft and really gives atmosphere to the clothes.

I always say I don't do girly too, then open my wardrobe and it's 60% floral. Oh well, it's fashion, we're allowed to change our minds!

Ana Frost said...

Jill you are totaly right about ladylike,that 50s silhouette was only on SOME women. About Magenta, elegant cap jackets also I like very much the colors, for me basic colors are essencial :) Have a nice week, besitos

daisychain said...

oh gosh that is GORGEOUS!

Gainsbourger said...

A real lady can't avoid dressing like a lady, Jill! It's in your bones x