what i want right now

Woke up this morning and it's - big surprise - grey and cold and kind of damp out there in London town. And in my head, the images I'm pulling from a week of shooting at press events are the jolts of colour. I want colour: the brighter the better. I want heat and tropicality and swimming, but not swimming in the indoor chlorinated pool, lovely as it is, with the whole process of swimming caps and hair dryers, I want bright turquoise water and I want to wear hot pink with orange and lime green with aqua.

That's what I want.

Shot all these at the Arcadia group's press day, which includes Topshop, Miss Selfridge and, shown here, Wallis, a brand I didn't even particularly know but which caught my imagination, especially a really cool label (I love the design of the label itself) called 1923. Only the retro-ness of it doesn't feel as much 20s to me, as 60s. It was held in an amazing space: all white and huge and multi levelled, tucked away off the street, right near Carnaby Street, like a cool, very exclusive, very private club.

Could have sat for hours with Kit and Shini and other lovely fashion friends, nibbling on sushi and sipping the most amazing tropical mango fruit 'cocktails' and watching Kit do her nails - quickly and quite perfectly. I know everyone's leaning towards grey these days for nails, and browns and things, but I feel myself going full circle towards good old fashioned hot hot pink.

What I'm wearing: old, (not vintage, just old), lime green 3/4 length sleeve boat necked cotton jumper from the Gap, wide legged navy crepe trousers that I've had forever, 'vintage' i.e. thrift shop brown leather Prada heels, and, tossed carelessly on the floor, a favourite vintage (50s or 60s) chocolate brown faux fur from Portobello Road. Vesta crystal hot pink watch by Storm. There's a story there, of course. There's always a story.


Veshoevius said...

"I want colour: the brighter the better. I want heat and tropicality and swimming, but not swimming in the indoor chlorinated pool, lovely as it is, with the whole process of swimming caps and hair dryers, I want bright turquoise water and I want to wear hot pink with orange and lime green with aqua."

Me too...

Shini said...

Oh a story! heheheheheheh.
Goodness I can't believe we ate lunch, tea, desserts, juices, coffee there... it was such a great little space, almost like a cafe!
btw forgot to tell you then, loved what you were wering, just simple black + a pop of colour! So you Jill, so you!

daisychain said...

Wow, Wallis has really upped their game!

adrielleroyale said...

Oh I couldn't agree more - except I always want splashes of bright and/or rich colors...lol But especially come winter and even more especially come February! But then I just want Mexico, plain and simple, nothing else will do. :)

Style Odyssey said...

i suppose i OD'd on color when i was living in paradise! because since leaving the bvi, i want darks and black and charcoal grey...
but if i spent every winter in chilly england, i might feel as you do- i'd definitely want a holiday in paradise! i hope you get one this winter.

Katie said...

I agree wholeheartedly on the color. The gloomier the day, the brighter the outfit!

I need to find this 1923 brand, love the patterned dresses.

Miki said...

You should take the first plane to Buenos Aires, then! The sun is shining brightly; it's not too hot, but hot enough to get into the pool and the girls have already started wearing the most beautiful colorful filmy clothes :).

San said...

Ah, yes I need color too. Though today finally the sun showed itself after a week of rain and darkness. Brown nails? Well, I'm all for Lavender at the moment or as soon as I finished my move. No point in wearing nailcolor now.

Fyi, I'm moving to my first own flat, I've always shared flats so far, so it's quite a biggie for me. And today the kitchen got finished by me and my dad, just have to figure out where to put everything.

Yes, you got it right, it was Chris' post and I just translated and explained things. I never had a bad experience because I'm an Ossi or at least I think so. Bavaria is a bit special in Germany (or at least they think so) and they tend to look down on every other federal state. Thank you so much for your kind comment.

Enjoy your Sunday. Hopefully with some sunshine or at least cupcakes. ;-)

Kit said...

Ah man I was there organising my diary before Shini came along. I had a cup of tea, ginger ale, a plate of sushi, a bowl of salad, a mini pie, three mini sandwiches.....WHAT A LUNCH/TEA it was hahaha.

I look horrid there.

the style crusader said...

love the bright orange and pink combination. also, did kit's obsession with psychedelic yellow inspire your top? xx

Li said...

i just want to say that orange red + fushia is just a total love - a color combo that i would love to have, now!

happy weekend, xx

jill said...

Li: I love that combination too: it's funny I can't wear orange alone, only with fuschia (how DO you spell that colour?)

Jen: I think so.. it was like a day or two later. I mean, I decided that rainy day in the Dominican Republic in July that come fall I'd be wearing lime green with darker colours like browns and navy - and some aqua and purple - jungle tropical colours, but I think I subconsciously drew my inspiration from Kit's psychedelic (how did THAT pass spell check) yellow.

I'm going to do a whole post next on you, Kitten, so if you think you look horrid here.. why don't you like that shot? I love it. I think you look so effortlessly glam. And I missed so many courses, I think by the time I arrived they felt it was tea time. Sushi and tea sandwiches. When I left I saw staff carrying dishes in from another building.

San: I'll reply on your blog but if you happen to read this, GOOD LUCK with your move into your own first place. And I'm really into lavender nails now, too btw.

Miki: want to swap lives for a few months? I'd LOVE to live in Buenos Aires. You'd like London I bet. It would be like that film with Cameron Diaz.. Holiday? The Holiday?

Okay I'm working my way up but running out of batteries - must shut down. Thank you all sweet friends, real & virtual. Good night! xo

SabinePsynopsis said...

Ahhh, you are giving me ideas, Jill. I'm looking out into the hazy grey and wonder how to overcome this slightly depressing weather. Colours, that's it! The place looks amazing, and anything that comes with sushi is great in my books. xoxo