anna, being garbo

Still more photos from that same Armani/Brambleton launch. I watched this girl, Anna, standing with a group, surrounded by a sea of very tall, very thin, very animated modelly types dressed mostly in black (this was the same party where Lara Stone was with David Walliams, and Carine Roitfeld - everyone was there). She was so calm, seemed so un-self conscious. She was the only person I came up to after I shot her and gave her my card.

Later, I was with Shelley - the creator of Mou - who I had met the day before ('softly, softly: mou) and brought to the party. Happened to show her the shot and she said 'Oh that's Anna! She's friends with my assistant Kate!' So we found her - she was looking for me - and had a nice chat. She's Russian and an artist, doing some fascinating stuff. (That's another thing: quiet people can have such an interesting inner life). She was breaking the other Anna's rule - Anna Dello Russo's - number two: The No coats at parties rule.

If you want to know a bit more about her, click here.

It's not even like I went around with my camera the whole time: mostly it was in my bag but at the end I just suddenly got in the zone. The lovely thing about photographing people at parties is you can be quiet and observe and people don't seem to mind cause they think you're doing your job.

These days, I love being quiet at parties. I used to feel I had to be 'on' and now - maybe it's cause I'm older - I'm more interested in the people who are quietly watching, too. People who don't tell their whole life story the minute you meet them. There's a power in being a bit mysterious. I'm hoping to achieve it some day, but having a camera as a prop helps me get there, as my default is to never shut up.

Even now. Okay. I'm done. : )

Tube strike in London. AND it might snow! What are you up to today?


Cecylia said...

Ah love her scarf!!!

daisychain said...

I'm sat on my ass in the warm all day today :)

San said...

It snows in Leipzig like crazy, so I enjoyed the walk to my parents flat. And now I'm writing several applications, since I got another no and am getting desperate for a job.

How about using the bus instead of the tube?

mtg said...

Wow, what a beautie! There is something more to her than just face. At least that's my first impression.
love that shot. You are amazing, Jill!