what katie wore

What Katie Wore to Breakfast @ Mother last Tuesday. More to come, running out. What I'm wearing: raincoat. With hood.


jill said...

How strange.. no comments on my top posts today, only on past ones. Assume you're all busy kitten: hope it's nothing I said!

Miki said...

Awesome tights! :) Here in Argentina we have an independent brand which makes the most original patterned ones. http://nolineal.com.ar/

Hope you're having a great weekend, Jill! :)


Style Odyssey said...

no comments for a while...yeah, that's strange, but i can assure you- it's probably timing, busy people, etc.
it's good to run across a style photo that leaves much to the imagination, for we can't see the rest of her outfit or her face (although many of us are familiar with katie's fun blog). the little that we do see is all we need to know sometimes. nice work, jill.

Anonymous said...

That blue velvet is so gorgeous, and I love the tights.



Not Specified said...

Love the tights with the blue velvet, amazing xxx

MMM said...

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the style crusader said...

as a girl that finds even grey tights a bit too out of my comfort zone this shot is a little scary for me. haha. serious props to katie for having the gumption to dress so fierce on a daily basis though. xx

womens shirts said...

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