what's so funny

Don't you hate when people say 'I'll tell you the story later' and then they don't? Well I did just that with the 'squatter's riot' post and then left it so long you've probably forgotten all about it.

We were having a girl's day in Oxford last week (which the Mr. & I just had the most perfect follow up to yesterday! But no photos) and - I swear to you, this is not all we talk about or do, we are so much more interested in non fashion things - but inevitably if you get a bunch of fashion blogger/photographers together, the shooting starts. And I was shooting Jen and I tend to shoot people from below and she laughed and said 'Jill I know how you stay in shape' and said I SQUAT when I shoot.

We were all laughing so hard when I did the shots and she sent me these three which I haven't posted because I'm starting to feel like 'do you really want to see more boring shots of me wearing the same leopard coat all the time' (I really didn't dress for style that day, just warmth and ease to walk around - no silly shoes) but she's been asking - and I really HATE this shot, too. But that's the thing: if we can't laugh at ourselves, who can we laugh at. Really.

Faux leopard coat, Motel as before. American Apparel riding pants, shoes.. they're old, I think Hush Puppies? and I've had this backpack forever, from Coach.

Just to show you how boring my style is: this was from another day. Only difference is the shoes, from Barneys NY. Oh and bag is Kate Spade, a freebie-as-birthday-present from my ex-sister in law, who works in PR, but that is REALLY another story. (Sorry no links but do you guys really need it at this point? I mean, if you want to source something, don't you just google?)

If you want to read something really interesting, Shini did a post recently ('Circus Blogslam') that opened a good conversation on the concept of 'self style' blogs and the effect it has on our brains. Okay maybe I'm paraphrasing. But read it, if you haven't already. Would love to hear your thoughts.


Leah said...

I squat when I shoot too. But I'm not as fit as you, guess I have to squat more. Hahaha!

Your style is not boring at all... I find it so chic. Love the coat! xoxo

Ana Frost said...

Jill, first off all, I love to read your blog because is not just post of pictures, behind of scene always have a little story, thoughts, reactions, opinions and "fashion". The way you write is real, funny,fun, sweet and authentic. For that reason I dont read some blogs anymore, because is always the same. I mean,fashion fashion, they seems so empty, is like read a fashion magazin without any words or authentic information. Congratulations for your Blog Jill!

gsv107 said...

Lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill,
I've been meaning to write something for you/to you/about your blog for a long time and for some reason today felt like the day to do it. I've been reading your blog for quite a long time now, in fact it's one of my inbuilt daily habits! I consistently find myself smiling as your take on life/fashion/people is always so refreshing and unlike other blogs of a similar nature. Basically what I'm trying to say is I think what you do is wonderful and I look forward to seeing/reading future posts :)
Best wishes,

styleeast said...

I love the variations on this outfit, Jill, the coat is so perfect on you! I loved how you were wearing it on FFF too.

Just read the comments above and couldn't agree with your other readers more, your blog is a daily treat :)

Adorngirl said...

we will never get bored of you Jil I love how sometimes you have a photo, and then the text has absolutely nothing to do with the pics on the page things like this keep me intrigued, and interested because only you have that knack for telling a story.

btw read the shini post the other day and even though I am not a self style blog it made me think about being a bit more open to talk about things not fashion related (i.e the student march) and make the blog ore interesting by putting in more life experience that you do with yours

thanks for being such an inspiration. x

Thekla said...

omg i just found ur blog & i totally love it!!! following you hope you follow back i think you will like my blog as i am a fashion addict:D xx


Suzy Mandel said...

Love this coat! I had one for many years and it never goes out of style. Love that your wearing it and wearing it well!