It feels like ages since we did a fun little impromptu photo shoot in the rain after lunch with Jennifer, aka the Style Crusader, in Covent Garden (same day as Eskimo kiss - more on that later), but I just realised Jen's great post was only the 13th ('resurrected'), anyway she's said it all better than I could. It seems like ages since then: press days will do that to one.

Anyway: I want a snood. But I don't want to buy one. I keep thinking with all the jumpers I've amassed over the years that I can't seem to part with there must be ONE that I'm ready to take the plunge with and somehow DIY it into a snood. I always think people that do DIY are so brave. But then again, so are people who GIVE THINGS AWAY and aren't pack rats or even, like Jen is known to do, sell stuff on eBay so as to buy new stuff. If I do get the courage to make my own snood, you'll be the first to know.

Mrs. Crusader is wearing: Wearing: Cabbages & Roses jumper, Jigsaw snood, Made in the Shade leggings, Mentor wedges, and Alexander McQueen bag.


Shopgirl said...

I had a brief moment of thinking I might actually knit a snood - then I remembered that I don't know how to knit and have never been able to stick to anything like that for very long and would no doubt end up with a scarf that wouldn't even be long enough for a doll! So I have asked for one for Christmas.

Lovely photos :)

San said...

Oh gawd, please NOOOOOO! I really, really, really, really, really dislike snoods. I've had enough of them when they were in style back at the end of eighties or early nineties. I HATE them.

Well, Jennifer really rocks hers and I'm sure you will rock yours too, but I won't be caught dead in a snood. Nope, no snood for me.

Carrott said...

I love these pics. Jen looks so cute. And I love her wedges... I'm still looking for a pair! xxx