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I don't know about you, but I love those little articles (or sometimes, someone will do a post) on 'what to pack when you go away.' This is a big issue for me: I can't seem to travel light, even for a weekend. I'm getting better (or so I think), and then I slide back into my old ways. It's insecurity, I'm sure. When I'm feeling confident, I can put together a tide little bag, and just KNOW this is what I want to wear. But when - as is usually the case - it's 8:00 a.m. Mr. Dot is shouting (and you've stupidly thought that if you saved packing for the less minute you'd pack less but instead, started getting into Evacuation Panic Mode), and like this time, for the Hay Festival, we were bringing the cat and there was all the loading the car with cat litter, etc etc, - not to mention getting the cat, who was wising to the idea, having seen his travel case, that he was about to be reintroduced to the dogs-in-law, and had gone into hiding..

This time, anticipating previous gloriously sunny Hay Festivals past, I brought about 27 tee shirts and bikinis, half a dozen summery frocks, two pair of swim goggles, six - no, seven, pair of sandals, if you count the 70s platforms, three of which were hot pink or orange, only for it to be wintry and rainy most of the time. I actually had to borrow a pair of men's green Hunter Wellies from one of the sheds, and then just layered everything I brought, in no particular order.

Which brings me to this post. I found it fun to see what Bex wore each day, how she creatively put together whatever she'd packed in what I like to think was a neat, confident, organised little 'weekend' bag. Which she made work for her the entire ten days. (I bet, for example, she had the confidence to say 'right, this jumper will be my ONE jumper for cold weather'). Note how the same little black boots worked for the cold weather look as yesterday's post - with bare legs. That's smart, confident packing skills.

As per previous post, neither of us had time to really pose the shots, and while I'm such a perfectionist about the background not ruining my composition, this time it was a rather 'what the f**k' situation. I started embracing the bad backgrounds and have included my favourites for your viewing pleasure, or amusement.

Most people at Hay - of all ages - were really stylish. I swear. And I love the joy on one of the sunniest glorious days, when everyone brought out their most girly, flowery frocks.


ediot said...

Bex is so pretty. that smile is gorgeous. and i like her festival look a lot.
I always find it hard to pack.. going to paris in two weeks and don't have a clue of what to pack..

Blythe and Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness. I'm so inspired by this girl. I wish I had her skills. I always have such trouble packing! I never know what to pack because I always want choices or I say, "well it'll depend on my mood!" It's horrible! I'm totally in love with that sweater look though, so I'll have to print it out for fall inspiration and recreate it!


CoryB said...

Oh my, Bex is beautiful! Such a summer girl, even in the jumper. As for the packing skills, I seriously need to develop some soon, as I am leaving the UK forever and need to pack up my belongings into 20 kilos! And I thought packing for holidays was difficult.

Retty V. Sukadi said...

She's so natural and that's a really good thing to be a woman because we're born to be perfect naturally by look such a natural.

Fashion Limbo said...

I'm terrible at packing, terrible, terrible, teeeerrible...and when it is only hand-lugagge it gets even worse. I always pack more than I actually need, and irritates me and makes my man laugh at me and my poor packing skills... needess to say he considers himself a professional when travelling ugh!

adrielleroyale said...

She's so cute, I'm pretty sure she could wear anything at all and still look good :)