thinking pink

Was standing at a corner on Piccadilly, about to cross the street a while back, after a torrential rainstorm, when a Big Pink Taxi appeared out of nowhere on my right, and a woman in a hot pink shirt got in. Pulled out my Canon and got three quick shots and whoosh! away in the wet they went.

It got me thinking about Joni Mitchell's song, and wouldn't you know: she's wearing pink in the BBC video. (Oh btw: speaking of which wellies, ended up going with the dark grey wellies with hot pink trim, btw. I really did want bright pink but was scared off by the mutton dressed as lamb thought. NEXT pair will be pink. Or blue. Or, brown paisley. I've even entered Pearl's competition, so fingers crossed!)

Was talking with Amy, at Virgin Airlines, while booking flights home to the beach house on the end of Long Island. We were saying that it doesn't feel like June, more like March. And then we remembered those glorious days during Easter, when it was hot and sunny, and how we squandered them, assumed there would be more.

Don't it always seem to go, you don't know what you've got til it's gone? They've paved paradise, put up a parking lot.


cecylia.com said...

what a gorgeous car! I am loving the hue!

Come follow my blog sweetie :)

San said...

How very chic. I wonder if the driver only picks up passengers who wear at least a tiny bit of pink?! Wouldn't that be fun?

Glad you got the pictures. Have a great weekend.

Irina Pavlova said...

such a pretty car)))))

style odyssey said...

sorry to hear about your dark summer weather. must be rather disappointing, as i know england summers are relatively short to begin with! fingers crossed for warm sunny days again soon. :)
i love this pink taxi!!

Pearl Westwood said...

You need magical changing colour wellies, wouldn't that be great like those toys that change colour when they get wet!

Anonymous said...

On the first pic it looks as if the woman has her hand up to shield her face in a "get me away from the paparazzi" move! Great photos - so glad you were in time to get the shots!

Have a great weekend Jill xx

adrielleroyale said...

You are so cute lol I get the feeling that if we ever were able to hang out, I would be smiling and we would be giggling the whole time :) I bet you are absolutely delightful company - Maybe someday.. Blessings!!

the trainee mum said...

Tell me about, where did the summer go?!! As always - do love your stories that always accompany your photos :) xx