the truth

While I don't spend much time on Twitter - life is too short - I do have favourite.. Twits? Tweeters? And one is definitely Poppy Dinsey (@PoppyD). She just cracks me up. (AHA: she just tweet msg'd me: SHE DID THE POST! click here, it's brilliant).

Something she said yesterday ('Now that I've lost my festival virginity, I want to write a really honest festival fashion guide. Because all the ones in magazines are LIES') got me thinking: I don't know about you but my inbox has been absolutely INUNDATED starting in March with festival style this, festival style that. Every high street brand has been flogging all kinds of wares in the name of 'festival style'.

And the truth is, while granted I haven't been to a music festival yet this year, judging by the more cerebral (or, so you'd think) Hay Literary Festival, I can say that the whole whispy wafty look.. you just can't really in practice pull that off in the UK, without catching a very serious cold.

So for your viewing pleasure.. my guide, for the moment, consists of this:

• dress warm

• pack rain gear: waterproof hooded thing, and ideally, wellies

• bring a wafty kaftan type maxi 70s thing if you like, but don't come crying to me if it gets ripped, stained, or muddy

• wear whatever you'd like: truly, anything goes

and when in doubt..

• leopard is is always a classic

As this guide is a work in progress, I am open to suggestion. And how timely is this, just in from Reid Peppard ('why i hate festivals'):


San said...

Hahahh, "leopard is always a classic", you crack me up Jill.
Thanks for the styling tips. I haven't been to a festival in ages, I'd love to go to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh again. There you don't necessarily need wellies, as far as I remember at least.

Thanks for your kind comment on Monday, it was a real pick me up when I needed it desperately.

Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Love the honesty and humour in this post Jill - to be honest I don't see the reason why everyone thinks "Festival gear" is any different to normal clothes you'd wear if you went camping or to a summer fete in a field! Like you say, you need to be warm + comfortable - what's the point of paying all the money to see your favourite bands (or, indeed, masters of the arts + literature world) if you're going to be standing around freezing and uncomfortable, wrecking your favourite clothes and not enjoying yourself in the process! Just read Poppy's post and laughed my head off - but everything she wrote sounds pretty accurate!

Alexandra xx

CoryB said...

So true! And haha, the leopard picture just made me smile. -<-@

Unknown said...

Next year I really want to go to Hay....I've missed it every bloomin year I've wanted to go! I love the picture of the girl at the top and also the girl in the rust coloured jumper as she's wearing the sort of thing I'd wear to a festival...I'm not a floaty person at all, it just doesn't suit me...the leopard is great fun though! x

jessica said...

wonderful post and I agree, the most important thing for me is to look cute but to stay warm and ALWAYS prepare for mud.(and bring plenty of toilet paper, obviously)

the trainee mum said...

Haha!! Brilliant - just the last bit - "and when in doubt.."!! :) xx