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Oh, Photobucket!

Apologies, Readers: I am stuck in a holding pattern. A Catch-22.

My Photobucket Pro account tried to renew itself with my expired credit card. It couldn't, obviously. I've tried to just pay the full fee (not direct debit) but, this being the weekend, the Photobucket System isn't letting me. Of course. Sod's Law. And all it will let me do is send emails. Which I've done. But I probably won't get this resolved til Monday. If then.

Guess this is a sign I should simply enjoy this June weekend. Hope you are, too.


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh dear I hate being beholden to technology! I am in the process of moving over to wordpress self hosted so I dont have to worry about this kind of thing. It does mean I will have to manually upload all my previous images over from blogger though which will be painful! Go enjoy some sunshine xx

style odyssey said...

frustrating, isn't it? here's hoping you're able to get it sorted monday. yes, Jill- i'd take it as a sign to enjoy the weekend! :)