101 dalmations

Besides Brix and Bip, how many other celebs can you spot in my FROW shot at the Topshop Unique show on Sunday?

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I love when people pay homage to a designer or brand, by appearing in the previous seasons' looks, as Bip Ling and a friend did with the 101 Dalmations theme from last February's show ('http://streetstylelondon.blogspot.com/2011/03/you-aint-never-caught-rabbit.html').

Here's one of my shots from last season, but I can't wait to show you shots from this season's show. They're so good, I don't know where to start. I'm overwhelmed with choice.

So here I am in bed on this gorgeous sunny day, with a mild case of Somersetitis, as Sabine called it: sore throat, the start of a cold.. must be a bit feverish, too, because I'm becoming obsessed with finding the version of Hound Dog that they played at the Topshop Unique show last February fashion week. Does anyone know? My friend Emma Harwood, a wonderful singer, told me that originally it was sung by a woman, Big Mama Thornton, and that's much darker and kind of, you know, man eatin'. Macy Gray did a great version, too. But I still like the original recording version, by Elvis. I was singing it for weeks after that show, and now, having exhausted all these variations, I'll be singing it for the rest of the day.


Anonymous said...

it was so great seeing and meeting you in person, although just for a short time! I know, #LFW frenzy and rush .. crazy out there! hope to stay in touch and so looking forward to your images! actually took a couple of my very first Street Style shots at London Fashion Week and Burberry was just my most fabulous and one time highlight! xoxo

p.s: hope you are feeling better and still had a fabulous time at shooting your fab images! xoxo

Dulwich_News said...

Jill honestly, I'm so bored with P**pShop but we love you... Meanwhile, my Arthur on his way home xxx Robert

jill said...

Thank you, SKoS. You are SOO Anonymous! I didn't get to Burberry: a friend who's a magazine publisher keeps asking my husband 'is Jill going to Burberry' but I never apply - I just assume I won't get in. Altho you know what they say: you cannot win if you do not play.

Thank you, feeling a little better. Still not 100%

Robert aka Scout: we love you guys, too. Glad ARthur's coming home. Are you bored with Topshop in general, or just on my blog? : )