anna della russomania

Even tho I'm partly to blame - I've been calling myself StreetStyle London since January 2009, for goodness sake - it seems that London Fashion Week has become such a circus of people shooting people. So this time round, I've been leaving it to the new kids on the block. Not getting so star struck and running after every single streetstyle photo op. But rather, like an old cat, or a lioness, I've been biding my time at this year's fashion week, while around me all the frisky kittens romp til they exhaust themselves, like I did at my first fashion week. Our cat did that when he was a kitten: he'd just leap in the air after a piece of string til he was panting, gasping for breath, and even then, he couldn't stop. Now he'll jump, but - metaphorically speaking - it had better be for a damn good shot.

I thought I was doing pretty good this year: shooting streetstyle, but not going insane. And then - and I blame Style East, that rabble rouser - suddenly there was this feeding frenzy, and in the middle: Anna Della Russo!! I can almost see what happened this summer with the London riots: that mob mentality. You get all caught up in the moment. We just went all snap happy.

Fedoras were everywhere this week, and I love the way Anna wore hers with all white. The best Panama fedoras are by my friend Carry Sommers, part of the Esthetica Group: Pachacuti hats.

After I took these shots, I told my new lovely talented young friend, Willow ('she loves mixed tapes'), that as I took the shots, running like a big sweaty papp, I actually yelled out 'I love you, Anna!' The first time I ever said that to a woman. 'First time for everything,' Willow quipped, deadpan.


Deejay Speaks said...

her clutch is supreme and that suit speaks chic

Alexandra said...

loved anna's "fishskin" dress!

feel free to check out my London Fashion Week reports!

O D Y S S E Y said...

it's easy to get caught up in the frenzy when it's the fabulous anna della russo.
i'm glad to see her in all white- she looks like herself instead of a caricature of...herself (which i realize is part of her appeal nonetheless).
she is awesome in all white. and i love that she wears minimal makeup. this lady knows what she's doing, and does it splendidly.
Jill, as for you- well done! as always, you rock.

Veshoevius said...

Actually the blogger circus was one of the reasons I opted not to go to LFW this season - I remember what LFW used to be like before all that, and it was, well, a lot less circus like in many good ways. Still, the likes of Anna Dello Russo owe their new found fame through the focus of bloggers' lenses at these things and what's not to love about ADR. I'd have shouted out the same as you if I'd come across her in real life. Fab photos as always!

Sage said...

Her hat is just so....unbelievable. I need a white feathered hat now.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Sounds like a riot. The kingdom for ADR! We're glad you were there to capture her though. This is the most "normal" I've ever seen her. She, and you, did a great job!

adrielleroyale said...

LMAO!! I bet you shook yourself after that!! too funny :)

jill said...

Oh yeah, felt like a total idiot, but that's the point of fashion week: as my friend Estelle says, 'fashion's meant to be fun.' And yes, V, what's not to like about ADR!

She rocks. You all rock. xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh cant beleive I didnt see her in that outfit, I was the first one to shoot her in her Prada sequins and I said 'I love you, I love your blog' or something equally dumb, but she was lovely she turned to me and said' oh thank you thats so sweet' and I nearly died x

jill said...

She ANSWERED you?? Pearl, I'm so impressed! I don't know if she heard me: I thought I was projecting sound, but it might have just been in my head. And, granted, there was a lot of screaming going on. xx