oh, baby

First: I am not a Blogger. I am a human being.

Second: Today, like yesterday, is a gift from the Gods, here in London. Hot and sunshine. I'd have paid good money and gone thru all the security crap, to be somewhere else in the world and have this glorious weather.

So the least I can do is get my lovely laptop off my lap, shut this baby down, take my notebook (to write my novel), and my camera, and be PRESENT. Take a break from posting about all things fashion week. Because, having gathered my acorns, having squirrelled those images away, I've got all winter to show you what people wore, on or off the catwalk.

Of course: were I in Paris, that would be another story. But I'm not. I'll leave that to those that are. I've got some lovely shots of some lovely stylish people from yesterday, when I was with a wonderful new friend at the V&A.

But for now, I leave you with this one baby, for whom this imperfect yet perfect world is new, and bright, with infinite possibilities.


Lauren said...

Lovely thoughts! The weather here is hot and sunny, too, and I'm heading out to enjoy it.

The Styleseer

San said...

Lovely shot and not only for this baby the world is full of infinite possibilities. For most of us there are still infinite possibilities out there, we just need to realize that and make the best of them.
Enjoy the weather today, I certainly did. What's your novel about, if it's okay to ask that at this stage.

Sunny greetings from Leipzig,

Anonymous said...

Incredible shot Jill - I know what you mean about how babies have everything before them and can be anything or anyone they want to be. That early in life there are no limits which is an incredible thought. Hope you've enjoyed your day in the sunshine xx

mtg said...

I wanted to say "I want to be that baby" and then read San's comment. Yes, thanks San! We should all be like that baby with infinite possibilities and make the best of them.

I want to travel to NY sometime in October-November. Are you planning to come back any time soon?

The Foolish Aesthete said...

This image speaks volumes ... the Baby and the Circle of Life (which you aptly captured as well). I won't go rambling to state the obvious. Just a wonderful post! And we'd love to hear about your novel. xxx

San said...

Back again. ;-)

Thanks for your nice comment. To answer your question of utmost importance: it's a pastry filled with nuts and probably a bit of cinnamon too. They also make it with poppy seed. Some of my plans you'll find in my new post, that I just finished when you commented. And yes, let's e-mail.

A question popped up when I reread this post of yours. Aren't Bloggers human beings?!

(Sorry, my joker personality got out. ;)

daisychain said...

Oh my gosh Jill, I have a new favourite photo by you!

Ana Frost said...

Ohhh so cute baby and pic and evidently you are human being dear Jill :-) Have a nice weekend, xxx from Madrid

adrielleroyale said...

Ah Jill, your truest follower friends will always appreciate the human part of you - especially when you leave us with treasures like this! Have a great week and enjoy your humanity! ;) <3