hat of the day (fit for a Queen)

I've got a bit of a conundrum. Perhaps you could help me. In the process of running around shooting streetstyle, I often find other fashion-related fun things to shoot & talk about. My husband, Mr. Dot, is really adamant I stay on topic & every time I wander off the reservation, it's a whole Thing.

What do you think? Should I keep this blog strictly to streetstyle shots, and do the rest on a separate, sister blog? Or can I continue to combine the two under the same umbrella?
For example, I shot so many of these floral hats at a great competition at the Chelsea Flower Show. Even the Queen was inspired, as it says
here in the Times. I'd like to feature a Hat a Day til I run out of shots (it was really hard - I wanted to shoot them all!) but is that going to put off the punters?

I've really been struggling with this. Please tell me what to do: stay on topic, or widen the net. Leave a comment if you'd like, or email me (jill@haybooks.com - it's on my profile). Your vote counts! Many thanks.


StyleSpy said...

I know this probably won't be helpful, but I'm happy to look at any pictures you take! That hat made me gasp.

jill said...

thank you both - but now it's a tie! : ) someone break it please..

Anonymous said...

Jill keep all of the photos coming together... you're making a statement that ties it all together-
Sorry Mr. Dot...you lose this time.
Love the blog...