it's not too late (or, a kind wish for imogen)

I don't know about you, but was having a kinda blue moment.. a bit 'is that all there is'... and then I thought of poor Imogen up in some god forsaken place up North, someplace presumably even colder & darker & wetter than London.. and several unrelated people have emailed me today saying they're sorry it's 'too late' to wish Imogen good luck on her exams.
But it's not too late to wish her well! And as tough as my life might feel at the moment, at least I don't have to face sitting in a room with two examiners, a mic and a tape recorder trying to speak about the michelin guide and stem cell research (true story). So to anyone out there: please, leave a nice wish for Imogen. You never know, the person you cheer up might end up being yourself!

p.s. While we're at it: how about a message as well for Nicky, of lipsoflondon, who's also cramming for exams right here in London Town.


Jen said...

Good luck, Imogen & good luck Nicky!
Jen xx

Anonymous said...

'some god forsaken place up North, someplace presumably even colder & darker & wetter than London'
It's not that bad up north!

jill said...

I know. It's actually lovely up there. I was just being ironic. And they say Americans can't do irony!

Imogen said...

Haha! Durham is very pretty actually and it hasn't rained too much today... well, I've done the oral exams, one went well, the other so bad I actually cried as soon as it was over and had to go to the pub for a straight double vodka at 4pm (true story!)and now I have the big ones to look forward to all day tomorrow (sixteenth century french literature and french language exams... quelle horreur!) Thank you again for your good luck wishes!
Imogen xx

Anonymous said...

haha thankyou so much! :)
have a chemistry paper on displacement reactions today..
joy ;)
good luck Imogen for tomorrow,
lots of love,
Nicky x x

TheSleekGeek said...

oh thx god, finally i found the comment box here:P

hey good luck Imogen! and Nicky