keep strong and carry on

Another fabulous example of the strong, bold ethical/ethnic print dress is here on Carry, who has a truly impressive company called Pachacuti that imports fair trade Panama hats and also men's and women's hats in felt and leather. She's won all sorts of awards, met the Queen.. take a look on her site or blog. I ran into her in Spitalfields market and love everything about her look, which feels very much her, and not just some trend she's trying to follow. Her dress is by her friend Katherine Bramwell Cole, a potter. Funny old world: my husband loves & collects modern British pottery, and he's now discovered someone he's really impressed with, too. I love a man in a panama hat, and now I know where to get it!


christine said...

The first thing I said when I saw this outfit was wow!!!!

Stephanie Clayton said...

I love her look! It's fresh, pretty, unique and most decidedly not trendy (in a good way!)
I love a man in a Panama hat, too. Been trying to get my husband to buy one...I'll check out her site.