my hot pink plastic celebrity feet

Everywhere I go, when I wear a certain pair of cheap plastic hot pink sandals, they get all the attention. In Palm Beach recently, women were literally climbing out of their Porsches to say they loved my shoes. They could have bought the pink pair in the window @ Saks, but no, they wanted mine. Strangers stoped me to ask where I got my shoes. It was freaky: like having celebrity feet. This in a town where no one talks to each other unless their families go back six generations.
I was in Tory Burch and the salesgirl was going gaga for my shoes, so I shot hers. As I was doing so, I was trying to do the math to figure out how many pair of my sandals she could have got instead of hers, even with the employee discount, but it boggled the mind.
The answer to where I got them, by the way, is: Urban Outfitters, in London, on Kensington High Street, but it was ages ago. I'm absolutely kicking myself that I haven't bought more pairs. If anyone out there knows where I can find more, please let me know. My husband wants me to buy a ton and do a Rumi. Even today's Times Style Section featured a variety of sandals - with 'clashing' toe nail polish, as I've been doing all these years (I like orange nail varnish with pink sandals - add a tan and a simple black dress, and you've got that gorgeous bullfighter thing going). They've broken once already, and the left one is currently held together with Gorilla Glue, but they're still going strong.


Samantha said...

Great, great sandals. Find them and sell them on the blog.

Thumbelina Fashionista said...

Too fab and too bad for the rest of us!

Pearl Westwood said...

Hi, thats so funny, I think neon must have some strange alluring power, today I have on a white blouse with multi colour flouro trim and total strangers have come up to me to say how much they love the colours!


nouchaline said...

Those are cute sandals!
Neutral outfits + bright shoes = My favorite outfits.