after kane: smoking in the rain

After the Christopher Kane show, all the cool kids were hanging out on the street corner in the rain, smoking.

I remember reading or hearing when I was a girl, that only Parisian women had style. I remember two things specifically: they knew how to tie a scarf round their neck, and they knew how to smoke.

So when I ran into my Garance Dore outside the Topshop flowers venue after the show* I didn't know if she wanted me photographing her smoking. She laughed at the very idea of it being an issue. How.. American of me. (We had already had a lovely chat the day before, when I met her at Somerset House with Scott. She is as warm and friendly as everyone says, and no, I'm not going to tell you what we talked about, it's private).

She was with the brilliant and delightful fashion journalist and girl about town Indigo Clarke, who among other things blogs for Harpers Bazaar Australian, altho she's currently based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And I'll save my portrait of her for later cause my husband, Mr. Dot, feels this is too long a post, and he's the boss.

*(BTW I didn't see the show: if you didn't either, here are some photos & the live streaming is here. Lots o' black leather & lace, all prettified with flowers: slightly peasant, slightly girly, but with an edgy twist. Cool.)


the style crusader said...

jill these shots are awesome. i love the ones of garance and the last one of indigo clarke is so gorgeous. oh man... i totally need some fluffy fur around my face so i can pose like she is!

p.s. you are becoming a bit of a legend in my books.

Winnie said...

Wow Jill, thank you for your lovely comment. You made me smile!

Oh I adore Primrose, I have literally spent hours in there discussing fashion with fellow bloggers. I have yet to visit the original one in Primrose Hill though...I must change this.

Haha. I don't know where I read that 'underwear as outerwear' phrase but it was definitely on the blogosphere!

Yes I am Birmingham based at the moment (though destined to move to London in a few years, fingers crossed!) but do visit quite often as I've friends in the city. I've also added you to my links :)

Style Odyssey said...

Ah, you met and "shot" Garance! Isn't she the cutest?
She comes across as intelligent, witty and fun.

Leah said...

These are the best photos of Garance I've seen on the web... I love seeing the "real" person. And you have captured her well... the genuine laughter complete with the smoke. xoxo

Pearl Westwood said...

I love the 3rd photo of Garance so natural and pretty! Smoking does seem funny now as it may as well be illegal in the UK. I havent smoked for about 3 years but my funniest smoking experience was one time I was in Egypt (in Egypt they offer you a drink and a ciggie and a sit down in the shops to have a chat before you even look at the merchandise!) so anyway I was smoking in the airport cafe and a security guard said smoking was only now allowed in a designated area, next thing everyone in the cafe started yelling at the guard for being so ridiculous, in the end the poor guard just left ha ha!

U-NI-TY said...

Great style girls!

stuff sonia love said...

love Garance boots
anyone knows where to get those?