totally rad maddy ford

Mr. Dot, being a rather type A personality, gets up at 6:00 even on the weekends. Usually he wakes me around 7:30 with a cup of tea (before you get all 'aww, how sweet', it's usually accompanied by 'Get up, Jill, we've got to get to blah blah blah & are leaving in 20 minutes.' It's like being on perpetual tour).

Well this morning he also said 'you've been getting a ton of visitors, too many for a Saturday morning.'

Good old sitemeter: (any bloggers that don't have it: it's totally addicting, you can find out where people are coming from to your blog). Turns out people were googling my post on Maddy Ford, who I met in December. It was actually Mr. Dot who found her outside Green & Stone on the King's Road (he had asked me to pick out coloured pencils for him, and, being type A, was already out the door while I was paying, and he found her & thought she'd be great for my Great Motel Rocks Challenge).

And she was. You can read the original post by clicking here. (The title comes from one of my favourite bloggers on the planet: Christi, in California,of thats so rad - fabulous photographer & photo-artist and all round totally rad human being).

I really liked Maddy: she had just moved to London from the country, and we had such a great honest chat & fun shoot. She struck me as a generous spirit, a gentle soul. Even a bit vulnerable, but then again, she had just moved to a big city. I meant to stay in touch with her, but then it was Christmas, and we went away..

So now I'm reading all this alleged stuff about Peter Andre (who also seems so nice: happy birthday, Peter!) & I couldn't give a toss about celebrity gossip - my own life is interesting enough, thank you, and it's none of my business - but I just want to go on record as saying: she's got my support.

Men: can't live with 'em, can't kill them. And they wake you up too early. But they can be so damn cute sometimes, don't you think?


daisychain said...

Bwahaha, you'd hate me, I'm up at 5:30 every day!

Susan said...

I love your writing so much :) how do you get this sitemeter that is not visible on your blog?
have a fab weekend, xoxo

jill said...

Aw, thanks Susan ; ) Is it not visible on the blog? I thought anyone can see it.. my mom sometimes checks it!

Daisy Chain, I could never hate you! In fact I hold you in even higher esteem. Just as long as you don't wake me up. ; )

Cristi Silva said...

You are so awesome Dot!!! Thanks for the peeps and super sweet things you say!!! for sure! I love Maddy's style!!!

You are such a sweet person! Much love!


Anonymous said...

What is angering me about this woman is the fact shes done this before, she "apparently" had a one night stand with Orlando Bloom in 2002 after they appeared in the calcium kid together, she did a kiss and tell on him in the news of the world (funny how that hasnt been brought up anywhere) and said he was crap in bed, here is an edited version of her story:


This should be pointed out everywhere she is getting attention online to show what she really is.