I ran into Indigo Clarke, who I met with Garance after Kane, the next day in the Press Lounge (a day at fashion week is like a year in dog years), and we then sat and had the most incredible talk about.. everything. Mostly about generous spirited, unenvious, noncompetitive women, and how much we like them.

There is so much I didn't expect about what the fashion world is about - it is so beyond different from my expectations. I have never seen, as a group, more warm, generous, creative, fun, happy people in one space. Today I also met a lot of great guys: it's not all about girls. But the majority of time I've been hanging around with old souls of all ages - some as young as 13 - wonderful women I now consider friends.

While we were talking, I kept shooting because she has the most amazing eyes, and altho she kept looking down, self conscious, I got my shots in the end. And made a new friend in the process.


Rosalind said...

Fantastic pictures,as ever! I have seriously been checking your blog every day to look at the beautiful outfits you've been shooting. Are you pleased with your 'finds'? (As in, all the pretty people and lovely clothes)
These portraits of Indigo are really nice- I loved the ones with her and Garance too. It certainly seems that you've met lots of new interesting people! I had a look at the mention of you on the harpers bazaar website, well done!
Looking forward to seeing more images..


Susan said...

love her bangs :)

Romain said...

She's so sexy!
Hi Indi!See you in Paaaaaaris///

Shea said...

yayy! <3 indigo !!!

Pamela said...

she looks like lily allen, im sure she gets that a lot!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!!!!! Isn't she pretty?