caution: sheer drop

You know what it's like: even with everyone having mobile phones, sometimes you can be in the same place and just can't get it together. Other times, you just keep bumping into the same person.

I love the randomness of fashion week: so many people, and, it's chance (or, serendipity) who will become your muses. The people you start to do a series on. My first time, one of them was Rhiannon. This year, we kept missing each other: missed messages, etc. But my friend Jen the Style Crusader did.

Well this year, Sam became a recurring theme for me. This is her Day Two look (I've yet to show you Day One, but I will). Her boots are from Zara, and I asked her to sit on the railing (or, balistrade, as the sign says), but then I didn't like the sign in the shot. But considering she really was risking her life for the photo, it seemed kind of cruel to make her move. Besides, she seemed so comfortable, balancing precariously like that. (I should explain: right behind her - behind the balistrade - are the steep stairs. It's about a two story fall backwards onto sharp stone stairs, hence the sign).

I like her combination of black and cool taupey tan (griege: the same warm stone tan as the architecture of Somerset House itself) and the textures: suede boots, either leather or latex black leggings, the great bag, simple elegant tailored black blazer.. the elements are clean and relatively simple, it's not boring, but it all adds up to something that's somehow classic with a twist, and ladylike. And I love the touch of the one black leather glove: homage to Michael Jackson.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I like how she has mixed leather and suede with a touch of fur. Those boots are amazing!

And I remember that drop being quite scary! Brave girl..


the style crusader said...

i love the shoulders on her jacket. xx

Ana Frost said...

She is so stylish! A perfect look.
:-) xxx

The Photodiarist said...

The boots rock. Love them.

Cecylia said...

Great shots. Love her peep toe booties

thekiwibex said...

Wow, love her outfit, particularly the shoes!