waiting on a friend

It's a shame that embedding is disabled, but if you have a moment, please open another window and click here, as this old video & song is just so great, I can't get it out of my head.

Got it playing? Isn't it great? I've got to get this post up ASAP as Mr. Dot is waiting on ME, so we can zip over to Camden (by car): I'm style hunting. Too many of my shots lately are inside the V&A (this isn't even 2&3 in the series with Charlotte & the fox, that's still coming up). If I don't start shooting anywhere else, I'm going to have to change the name of this blog to 'Victoria and Albert Museum Style'. Which is actually a marginally better title than the rather pedestrian 'Street Style London'.

I saw this girl (totally blanking on her name now!) waiting for her boyfriend, and liked the shot without her knowing or posing for me. Her hat was just Accessorize, and I forget where the boots are from, but nothing insanely expensive, and yet, she looked so put together, I assumed it was all designer stuff.

While I was shooting her, Mr. Dot showed up, and so did her boyfriend, who was shooting me shooting her. I know he's her boyfriend because Mr. Dot - who's not shy - asked 'Are you her boyfriend?' It was all quite hilarious. Mr. Dot just called out 'Jill, this is ridiculous' so I'm gonna have to end here. If you're in Camden today, give a shout out: I'll shoot you!


Vanilla said...

Really cute outfit :)

Love vanilla

daisychain said...

*wishes she was in Camden*

jill said...

Actually, you didn't miss much, daisychain: it was dark & cold today, and for some reason, a style-free zone!

Hey Vanilla! Thank you on her behalf ; ) x

StyleSpy said...

LOVE this. She looks wonderful.

the style crusader said...

love it. she looks very lady like... this seems to be starting to creep up a bit in the middle of all the dishelved rocker chic girls out and about. i am liking it

love the last shot. so adorable, and also those boots are great!

p.s. i love that mr. dot tells you your blogging habits are ridiculous. i hear that a lot too!

Cindy Van Dyck said...

I have the same boots. Nice look!


jill said...

Oh, do you, Glamour Bbey? Can you tell me who made them? I didn't get a chance to write it down @ the time (blame it on Mr. Dot) & now I've forgot.

Thanks for your comments! I wasn't getting many this weekend (not that I get zillions anyway) but was wondering if it was something i said ; )

Pamela said...

cute outfit. she looks familiar, like an actress.

Me said...

i love her with freckles covered face! she looks lovely!

Susan said...

what a lovely story :) I love her face, so beautiful.