pool colours

I am typing this with nails of turquoise. It looks more jade in the bottle (by Essy: I got it at least a year ago) but after two layers, it's a deep, solid turquoise. To match my little bracelets. I'm wearing it with variations in beige (or, nude). I am so into the colour turquoise in general but especially, on this dark cold snow flurry-ish London day, now.

Love this girl's look: South Beach, Miami. I am kicking myself I didn't introduce myself and ask her to pose, but at the time, I didn't want to bother them: they just looked so relaxed and happy. I love the patterns of her dress. And for those who think they're too pale to wear nude: think again. It's all a question of accent colours, pattern, and attitude.

I wish I could just dive into this, right now.


Carly said...

I wish i was on holiday relaxing by a pool. What a lovely summery colour.


Style Odyssey said...

hurray for turquoise! you know i love that color, particularly when it's an accent color. i'm checking out this girl's nails....unusual and rather pretty actually.
i've got so behind on correspondence, blogging and commenting (thanks to photobucket issues, travel, and returning home to no internet) but i'm back in action now, i think!

the style crusader said...

oh yes please! jumping into the pool sounds perfect. i liked your pool coloured nails! am glad you decided to keep them! the girls dress looks pretty... love the flopsy sleeves. but not so sure how i feel about maroon/gold french manicure? xx

Cristi Silva said...

Awesome shot!!! I love the water....I just wat to dive in!

PS I tagged you for a blog award :) Thank you so much for your support!

Vanilla said...

Love her outfit. The water looks very inviting, I've been seeing images of summer everywhere, just wish it wasn't still freezing and snowy ha :)

Love vanilla

daisychain said...

*also has turquoise nails*

Susan said...

turquoise is not my color, but I love-love-love looking at it!
have a fab week, xoxo

Ofelia Botella. said...

ohhhh! i love this shoot!! its fantastic! i dont think it'd have been better if she'd possed, her colors made me smile!