bora bora blue

Okay this is a little confusing: it's Day Two here in London for A/W 2010 (that alone is weird: it's not even spring yet - God only knows what it's like for people living in places like Australia), but I'm still posting Day One. I think I dreamt about the light blue dress in yesterday's post: all know is after three more catwalk shows today, ANd an awards ceremony, and running all over town and meeting more people than I can remember, all I can think about is light blue and fuzzy knit. That's the predominant image in my head, that's the look I want to wear. Soft knits, unravelling, in shades of nude, beige, pink, turquoise, and baby blue.

And I think these girls are just gorgeous. Not a model in the bunch, just civilians.

These were all shot after the Bora show yesterday. I ended up in a general flow that brought me to a kind of outdoor backstage vibe: everyone was just so up after that show, and models & people were coming out of backstage, and we were all kind of hanging around, feeling buoyant.

I suddenly realised that the kind of wall next to me was actually the rack of the clothes in the show. For some reason that blew me away, and I started shooting it. There were some crew guys that I realised were guarding the rack. 'Sorry: am I allowed to shoot this?' I asked. Which sounded funny to me because if it was no secret to see the actual clothes, what harm would it do to photograph them off the girls?

'Would you like me to model them?' asked the guy guarding the clothes. 'Yes, please', said I, but he chickened out (that's a quaint expression!)

Okay, enough chit chat from me. You deserve more shots, and I've already chosen a bunch for you to see next. But it's late, and I need to chill out with a rom com. Something with Jennifer Aniston, I don't even care what. (I shot a bunch of celebrities today: not intentionally, they were just there).

If anyone's in London, btw, don't be shy: come on down! Anyone can get into the Somerset House open area, and they're making the best crepes (savoury & sweet) @ the Lavazza truck, which this year has been traded in for a shiny silver spiffy model. What are you waiting for, a written invitation?


the style crusader said...

oh these shots are soo beautiful!! you get such great detail. that first one looks like you should be able to feel those soft fluffy fibers floating up off that jumper. and the rack of those clothes! there are so many textures in there! i want to reach in the screen and touch those blue crinkly ruffles... so gorgeous. you are so great at capturing the mood and feeling of what it is like.

p.s. i totally want to know what celebrities you shot! you create so much intrigue!! xx

jill said...

Haha. I didn't mean to: it's just cause I'm too pooped to upload. Well you'll just have to check back in in the morning, won't you? ; )


Style Odyssey said...

J, your posts get better- I didn't think that was possible, and yet... :)

I am wowed by this and can almost feel the excitement of LFW! Wish I could be there to feel it in person- I'll just live the experience vicariously through you!

First pic is mesmerizing. There's a lot of neat stuff going on: Pale soft blue against rich black...Gloves and girl's red hair are same exact orangy tan color (means you have quite the eye, spotting this- unless it's mere coincidence?)...That orangy tan is complementary to blue, creating a visual pop. OK, enough artist talk (I just wrote a post on the art blog- it's obvious where my mind's been.)

I feel you re: colors you're obsessed with lately. I can see where that comes from, I think- you love the tropical sea...sky...sand...As "they" say, inspiration is everywhere.

I got your email, btw...haven't had a chance to reply, but I will!

Hugs and xxx,

Shini said...

Really really loved meeting you, your photos are so great, I love how you capture the individual, not just what she's wearing :D
Oh gosh, that girl in blue, I wasn't even taking picture of anyone then but I had to stop her! (almost gave her a hug, she's so pretty)
Can't wait for more photoos :D

Cecylia said...

Ah what a lovely blue coat- it's angora?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours in ALL of these images. I know what you mean about the light blue knit, it's having an impact on me too now!


meraldia said...

The first two ladies have great hairstyle!

Nimi Avigal said...

Can't believe I missed you there! I took the first girl's photo as well!
PS loved your picture on Nyanzy, whom I also shot!

Matthew Spade said...

ah that blue fussy cardigan is wicked, cookie monster chic