ed in red

Saw this man pull up outside Fortnum & Mason, just on the other side of the railing. He saw me with the camera, I aimed to shoot, as he called out 'I am the most famous man in Britain!' I laughed, and shot him.

'What's your name?' 'Ed. I'm on youtube!' 'Google me: street style london, polka dot!' (We're both moving at this point: the light had changed.) 'London Streets?' 'Yeah, good enough. And polka dot! You'll find me. I'll send you the shot!' 'And I'm on youtube: number 42!'

And off we went.

What a city. They say 'Only in NY', but They probably haven't seen London: home of the English Eccentric.


Jade Purple Brown said...

her fur trimmed coat is really cute!


Vanilla said...

wow :)

Love vanilla

the style crusader said...

jill i LOVE this guy! how amazing that he's got a string tied around his head to keep his earphones from falling off!! that is insane. xx