top to toe tommy, more or less

The day before we got the news about Alexander McQueen, I was right by his shop (& home) on a dark cold day. I'd gone to Dover Street Market but felt like I was coming down with something.

So when I wandered to their sweet top floor cafe, & ordered a lovely pot of fresh ginger root tea with lemon and honey (my favourite home remedy). I was surrounded by jaded fashionistas who lunch, absorbed in an Elle magazine, when Fiona & her friend bounded in & sat across from me (it's a small place & was pretty full), then they put all these big bags under the table & she cheerfully said 'Oh just kick them away.' Just very warm, yet English polite: I love that combination. When a table opened up they moved, & I returned to my own little world.

Fast forward a half an hour or so, I'd met & photographed Hitomi, and was just shooting these red chairs, when who should dash past me but Fiona & her friend.

I'm running after them & when I finally catch up & ask to shoot them, Fiona says 'You look really familiar'. 'I know, I was just at Dover Street Market.' 'No, you look REALLY familiar.' We did that a few times until everyone was finally on the same page.

Fiona couldn't believe I'd want to shoot her. It's not like it's not high concept fashion, it's a very simple, classic casual look, but I like her style. Or more to the point: I like her spirit. She works @ Tommy Hilfiger, lucky girl (I love his stuff), and most of what she's wearing is Tommy: coat, bag, jeans.. everything but the soft kitten-grey cashmere-looking cap & scarf, I believe. And I love the little details, like her gorgeous gold necklace.

Also love this bag. And the gorgeous beige suede boots are Pierre Hardy, last season. We haven't been seeing much of blue jeans in London this winter (not since the short shorts of last summer: mostly over black tights, as it was a bit of a washout, weather wise). But, last week, after seeing Fiona, I actually started wearing blue jeans again. She influenced my style this week.

Now I can't wait for spring: I want to wear white tees, faded jeans, go barefoot in grass.. I just love the combination of pale pink/nude/white/grey, with blue jeans the colour of sky. Oh! How funny. I just went to look online to see what he's up to, jeans wise, and for the UK, sure 'nuff, it's all the palette I so crave: beige, & a bit of faded blue & lots o' white. Cute little video. Chinos in beige, or, this season's magic word: Nudes, nudes, nudes.

It's funny: it seems in the USA, blue denim jeans are still hot, but I wonder if that changes from region to region. What's the deal, denim-wise, in your part of the world?


the style crusader said...

oh i loove her jeans and those shoes!! i love people who look so naturally chic like that. she doesn't look like she is trying at all. yah, this definitely makes me want to go find some of my light denim jeans too... xx

Anonymous said...

Very simple and classic, I really like the light grey against the dark navy. She also has a pair of suede booties that I love.


Laura. said...

I love her shoes!!!

I think here most people opt for a darker denim. however I never rule out any colour!


Bru said...

Very nice outfit!

adrielleroyale said...

Oh we do love our jeans in MN! If I could, I would wear jeans every day! As it is though, only Fridays and the weekends due to work. :) I'm pretty sure that every retailer around here carries a huge stock in jeans, they are such common every day wear!

jill said...

See, that's what I thought (thank you all btw). I don't think it was just me this fall/winter that got out of the mood for blue jeans (altho I still, defiantly, wore my white skinny ones, or beige, with boots). I just wasn't seeing it in London. Everyone was wearing legging instead. I've been living in black thermal leggings & boots, it felt like going out in my pajamas. (Which, apparently, is now illegal in parts of the country).

I even saw a forum for college students going abroad and they said 'if you wear blue jeans in the UK they'll know you're American.' But I remember an American (male) friend saying that to me in Italy about drinking cappucino after noon. I said 'I think the first give thing that's going to give my nationality away is when I order it in English.'

Pearl Westwood said...

Her outfit is super, so chic yet really understated!
I like dark skinny jeans in winter and in summer I get out my faded boyfriend jeans and turn up the cuffs.

the Citizen Rosebud said...

i love this look! it is so classic yet her spirit does come through. styled and effortlessly so.