Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I didn't get a chance to read my favourite section of the Sunday Times (UK), the Style Section, and by the time I did last night I discovered there was an article called 'All you need is love' with people writing about different kinds of love, including gay love. So those of you in the UK probably just assume I'm one big copy cat. Well I am: I steal from what's around me all the time - information, images, ideas - but just not this time.

And while I'll leave it to others to report on NY fashion week, I want to share with you a designer whose name you don't know: Derek, of Camden Lock.

I've mentioned this amazing duo before (can't find the post @ the moment) but I just love love love what Derek, of 'jeviev', at a stall in Camden market, is doing. Along with his partner/girlfriend, Gaby, they find men's tailored clothes and do one of a kind amazing stuff with it. I know people are doing it in Spitalfields market, too, but this is really special: uncannily catwalk in terms of creativity.

This is part of their spring line: BUSTIERS. I so want one. Strapless tops, tailored to fit a woman's body.. nothing in his booth costs over £35, and that's for things like dresses or jackets, so this is probably £25. I so want one.

It's hard to show in photos - the booth is all crammed full of stuff, you could pass him by and not even notice - and he moves around (they draw straws each day). He's there in Camden Lock - in the outside area - from Friday - Sunday, or email him @ jeviev@london.com.

I've got to run out the door asap but I promise I'll show you kittens more over the next few days. Then it's fashion week on Friday.. I'm a little nervous actually, I don't know why. I loved it last time, and now.. there's just such a sadness in people's hearts, I guess. But life goes on: that's the whole point.


U-NI-TY said...

These are nice ties! Great blog! =)

the style crusader said...

very cool. you should definitely get one! xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

i love these pictures, especially the first one! =)


Style Odyssey said...

cute. get one!

this remind me of a little boutique/design studio in hollywood, fla called Art of Shade. designer kayce armstrong recycles and redesigns amazing pieces! if we find ourselves in fla again at the same time, we should pop in! the girls there are super nice.

so excited for you, another FW! it'll be great. have fun!

The Photodiarist said...

Cool. Love that first pic!