bora bora bora

Can't believe this still from the Bora show! I've been to... I have no idea, how many great shows now. I can't get over how this look is so influenced by what I've been seeing on the street. More later, off to a post-show dinner.


The Photodiarist said...

Beautiful. I have to admit that I've never seen anything on our streets quite like it, though.

the style crusader said...

love all the different textures on the dress. and those leggings (or tights) are pretty awesome with the sheer bits! xx

Rosalind said...

I just wrote you a very long comment, which blogger decided to not publish and tell me there was an error! How annoying..
I basically said somethin along the lines of- I have been really enjoying reading these lfw posts. The textures here are amazing, combined with the simple details such as the bow. The juxtaposition between traditional and complex work beautifully.
I also really liked your last post, with the variety of fabrics and pastel colours. (Or should that be sorbet colours? Apparently so, according to a number of magazines.)
I hope you are enjoying lfw, and are busy capturing interesting people and beautiful clothes. I look forward to more updates!


Cecylia said...

I am so envious!!!

awhitejones said...

My god you are so lucky, looking forward to the rest of your LFW diary :D. xx

Editor said...

The texture on this dress is really cool- like the photos!

J. said...

I'm lusting for this dress.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a parcel! Great mix of textures, with the cute bow at the top.


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

Beautiful dress! and fabulous blog!!

ps: I love to see you at my giveaway gift contest! just do it for fun ;-)

Style Odyssey said...

I like this. The shape and texture remind me of McQueen's designs for SS10- all that futuristic reptilian stuff.
I'm not loving these shoes...Just very blah w/ the amazing outfit. Anyone else notice them? I always look at shoes. :)

J, you are living a dream of many fashion show lovers. Enjoy! I know it must be a whirlwind of craziness...exhilarating but tiring.

On another note, I'm afraid I'm behind on a lot of correspondence...again! Will write you tomorrow. Oh, and did you see my post on Friday? You're in it. :)


Style Odyssey said...

I meant to add, the pics are excellent! Not easy to capture w/ all the movement on the runway, I imagine. Looks like you had a good seat, though!
I just noticed her nail polish. Taupe? Greige? I must get my hands on that new Chanel Particuliere...kicking myself for not buying it when it was easily available...!

Eun Gi said...

wow..that's a beautiful dress. and love that shoes!!