silent muses

You know, it's just occurred to me: by not posting my fashion week shots right away - by just getting caught up in the moment and leaving the bulk til I recovered - this must seem so old hat & ho hum to you, the reader. It's like holiday snaps: you go to Paris and shoot the Eiffel Tower & it's such an amazing experience - and you try to get the best shot you can of it - and then when you return home & put it up on facebook (or, in the previous century, a photo album) and.. well, you get my drift.

I've got wonderful shots of people that you have seen already a zillion times on other blogs, and perhaps in a few months, I'll show you them. But I leave the really weird ones: the people who dress for fashion week to make it onto the blogs: for someone else. Altho... there are a few I can't resist... ; )

Besides as you might know by now, I'm kind of boring in my taste. I'm not, by nature, drawn to weird. I like classic with a twist, I like subtlety & clever touches. Quirky yet worky. Like this girl - whose name I never know, we never got chatty, but still dutifully poses for me anyway. A silent muse.

Can you see the nice touch of her metallic top & necklace under that jacket? That's how I like to use grey right now: cool metal, warmed by the sunshine of tan. Or maybe I'm simply longing for sunshine, in any form.

Another silent muse: I never introduced myself, but I saw this guy around, being all warm & sunny. I am so loving camel's hair right now, and the unfussy, unself conscious way he's dressed. I've never seen a man wear a paisley shirt so unaffectedly.


Leah said...

You know Jill, I love looking at your streetstyle choices because I find them very real... you know what I'm saying, you don't choose the quirky and unconventional looks. Your choices are those that can be an outfit inspiration like the girl above. Keep shooting! xoxo

Leah said...

Can't wait to see more of the pics. I always forget to ask you this, what image size do you use for posting?

PS... I bought the bracelet at Macy's... it's just there on the sale rack. :-)

jill said...

Thank you! There's tons, babe. Hope you're not sorry you asked ; )

Can't believe that bracelet is from Macy's! Good old Macy's. I used to work freelance in their graphic arts dept in the big NY store, doing their ads.

I use different sizes - verticals are a range from 460 - 640 pixels, horizontal 780 pixels. But I don't use blogger to upload: I use photobucket, and upload to size & place with html code. If you'd like I can email you the 'recipe'.. it's easy and I feel really worth it, otherwise the text flows all over the place.

Leah said...

Thanks for the tips Jill. Got your email. xoxo

jill said...

Oh great, good Leah let me know how you get on. Or.. perhaps soon I'll see for myself ; ) xoxo


Hi Jill,

that impeccably dressed young man is my friend Luke. He was the only one I saw filming instead of snapping at Somerset house...genius.

Really enjoying your LFW snaps...you really do take the best candids!


jill said...

Oh, Imogen, THANK YOU for the compliment, comment, & for telling me his name! I'm just shutting down now - my husband will leave for the film without me if I'm not dressed & out the door in ten minutes - but if you'd like please have him get in touch - or I could send you the photo & you could pass it on to him. If he wants. guys don't seem to care as much about that kind of thing ; )

will check out your blog soon as I'm back. x

SaraKateSwan said...

Oh i love that girls style. Gorgeous jacket and necklace. Really great shots.

Check out more on my blog x


Cecylia said...

Her necklace is gorgeous! I like the guy's smile

The Photodiarist said...

Awesome photographs - especially the first.

Anonymous said...

The girl is Ida Pyk - Swedish model/designer based in Paris atm (http://elle.se/ida-pyk.aspx)

jill said...

Anonymous!! You're back!! Thank you. Now that you said that, I do remember the name Ida, it's in a notebook somewhere but I didn't know which photo for. She's a model/designer? Will get in touch & send her the shot.

Thank you. Whoever 'you' are!! x