cavorting in a field of blue bells on an english spring day, being chased by big black dogs (a true story)

We first found the field of blue bells in the rain and the twilight, last Saturday, after having a wonderful May Day in Oxford with Mr. & Mrs. Crusader, then a visit with friends in the countryside. On the way home, we made a wrong turn, and passed something that took our breath away. Blue bells, glowing luminescent lilac blue in the twilight, as far back as our eyes could see. Just a flash, as we passed.

There's something iconic, magic, mythical about wild blue bell fields in England. I can't explain. People go mental for it. We found this one, and were determined to go back Monday, and (this was Mr. Dot's idea!) do a photo shoot. With him taking the photos. Of me. In some of my borrowed American Apparel clothing.

So we did, on Monday. When we got to the spot where you can park, other cars were there. It was like a Close Encounters of the Third Kind moment: all these people, drawn to this spot... we saw a father shooting his young daughter in what had to be her favourite hot pink dress, being a model.. it was wonderful.

I had just climbed over the barbed wire fence, having traversed the mud terrine (covering my favourite black suede Topshop harlequin pom pom ballet pumps), when the people dispersed. A woman with a big black dog or two appeared (in my memory, she also had a shot gun, but this being England, it's unlikely) and a few of her friends. It's an institute of some sort, and she said it was private property, and we were trespassing.

So we left, being chased by big black barking dogs. And, despondent, metaphorical tail between our legs, regrouped to Marlow, to the safety of a cafe.

Mr. Dot is an Englishman, descended from country stock, with the spirit of Dunkirk and Colditz and the whole British Empire coursing in his veins. He was not going to let that woman stop us from our fashion shoot. So, fortified with bagels and excellent coffee, back we went. And did our shoot: even got a few changes of clothing in.

It's taken me this long to post cause I couldn't choose my favourite shots. This will be a series, I promise, but the blue bells season doesn't last long: two weeks, at best. So, for those of you with a car, in the greater London area:

It's about a half hour from London, on the A 4155, the 'Marlow Road' - between Marlow, and Henley on Thames. Coming from Henley to Marlow, you'll pass the TOAD HALL on your right, and it's on your left. There's a small spot to park. Oh and Mr. Dot asked me to tell you, don't worry about the dogs. He's grown up with dogs and said these are 'just Black Labs, and they're harmless.'

Looking forward to seeing your shots, Cupcakes. Have a lovely Saturday! xoxo

Oh btw: Lemony cream raincoat by Zara (several seasons back), same with the Topshop black suede mud covered harlequin pom pom ballet flats. Riding pants, this season, borrowed from American Apparel. Camel wool jumper, vintage Prada. Wood bangle, TU Sainsbury's. Nude and lavender grey scarf as belt, also vintage. Blue bells: mother nature. Cost: priceless.


Anonymous said...

oh, so lovely! ha, yep, Twilight! can't wait for the next installment! i admit! got a thing for vampires i guess! but maybe only cause i look like one! hehe, dark hair and very very pale skin! ;)

dearest greets!

the style crusader said...

these photos are beautiful. i love the story behind it and your description of mr. dot. wish i could make it out to see these fields! i've never been to a field of bluebells before. really beautiful post jill. looks so whimsical and magical.

how many cream coloured mac like jackets did you have in the car with you that day?? is it the same jacket in all the shots (and the ones one the sidebar)? if so, it looks so different! xx

Tobi said...

Jen said it these photos are beautiful !!! They make me want to pray for better weather!

We have fields of Lavender where I live in surrey, this reminds of that! I feel inspired to shoot there when the weather improves! This post just mad me smile on this yukky cold day!!! Thank you x x

Olivia Isabella. said...

Fabulous shots, looking great with the vibrant blue bells! Completely agree: bluebells are absolutely magical.
UO x

Catarina said...

The photographs are beautiful and that field is stunning. The outfit is really nice and I had a hint of nostalgia when I saw your shoes. I had the same shoes but one day, I made a hole in them and I had to throw them away...They were the best flats that I ever owned and I miss them very much.

styleeast said...

Beautiful! x

Rebecca said...

I love how it's near a place called Toad Hall!!
I love blue bells :)


Adorngirl said...

Good on you for sneaking back in, the images are beautiful in a way where you will remember the feeling, the colours, and the day for a long time. x

The Fashion Cloud said...

Lovely to see you hoping around in front of the camera, so nice!!
lovely shoots too and nice outfit


Style Odyssey said...

What a wonderful post! I love it when we get to see Jill.
I admire your tenacity- so daring, chased by black labs (yes, they are usually docile) then going back for more! Ahh, the risks we take for style....
Right, there's something about a blue field of flowers.
Is that the jacket you thought you'd lost at the fountain, on our meet-up w/ -h?

jill said...

Yes it is! (to Stephanie aka Style Odyssey). In fact I've been meaning to do a post about that day.. actually maybe that's what I'll make today's post!

Thank you all - hope your weekend is lovely, and if you're somewhere besides London, that it's sunnier than it is here.

Leia said...

oh my gosh these shots are just so DREAMY! I love them.

The Photodiarist said...

These are awesome, Jill. Who took them?

Blindcopy said...

amazing photos! they triggered the very rare feeling of homesickness in me.

jill said...

Thank you for saying that, Blindcopy. Funny timing: this popped in just as I was working on the next post (my husband, Mr. Dot, took the shots, to answer your question, PD!)

Blindcopy, where are you now that you're homesick for bluebells? I'm assuming you're originally from England?

Leia: thank you!! ; )

Megan Colwell said...

-sigh- I wish I lived in London. I live in the states, actually Kansas :/