the chanel factor

Mr. Lagerfeld, you have a lot to answer for. It's not just that each time you bring out a £16 bottle of nail polish, women of all ages start queuing on the waiting list. After all, I have a lot of time for someone who can elevate my favourite colour, that ancient Chinese celadon pottery glaze dull pale turquoise, to the vaulted heights that he did, simply by calling it VAGUE and slapping a Chanel logo on it.

No: I'm talking about the lowly clog, which, by the mere slight of hand of putting them on his runway in Paris for A/W 2010, has made them more lusted after than red soled Louboutins. It's divided the blogosphere: you love them or you hate them.

On Saturday, May Day, Mr. Dot and I drove through gorgeous countryside to Oxford, where we met up with Jen and her husband, Mr. Crusader, for a pub lunch. It only took about 27 text messages, but we found each other eventually, and had much fun (he is the Perfect Man, incidentally). They had been to the early morning May Day festivities, ('happy may day!') so by the time we saw them for lunch, they'd been up for.. 8 hours. Hence her lunch of a big plate of chips, and a G&T.

Jen was sporting her new clogs that Mr. Crusader had bought from Sweden. You can read about it in her own words ('my clogs arrived') and don't get me wrong, they are cute and she looks great in them and all, but.. You know that expression 'if you can remember the Sixties you weren't there?' Well I have a theory: if you desperately want clogs this season, you must be too young to remember the craze the first time round.

I have nothing against them, mind you: I'm all for letting people learn things for themselves. Such as the aptly coined 'sauna factor'.

Jen is wearing: Rare ditsy print top, Urban Outfitters pull on jeans, Alexander McQueen bag, Swedish Clogs, Chanel Blue Satin nail polish, which she got as a birthday present from the gorgeous Jackie of platform princess. (and I, pack rat that I am, saved the Chanel paper bag it came in! Thus proving that I, too, am not immune to the Chanel Factor).


Style Odyssey said...

great post. jen's clogs are cute. i personally like clogs, so long as they're not painted or embroidered, a la 60s style. (i say a big no to that). i like the prada and chanel clogs. yes, i'd wear those.

and as for the aptly described chanel nouvelle vague....i scored a bottle. wasn't about to let this one get past me. it is GORGEOUS. $23 and worth every cent- well, to me, and that is what matters- simply that i love the color. you'd adore it, too...and may want to consider grabbing one. this shade almost glows.... it's the color of a tropical sea in shallow water, when the sand is churned up and the water looks lit from beneath. ahhhh...!

Fayoona said...

oh clogs.they remind me of being small and being p'd off with my mum when she wouldnt let me get them. jen looks so great in them. she is so effortlessly cool.

you are so awesome Polkadot.
xx fiona

Style At Every Age said...

Sadly I do remember them the first time round and still want a pair this time #sadoldfashionista

Rosalind said...

That is a great quote at the end - similiarly, I will never wear tie dye, gilets or flares, as I experienced them all as a child!
Personally, clogs is one trend I won't be following, but I can see the appeal for many people.
And the 'Chanel factor' seems irrestable.. There is something quite tantalising about those two enlocked C's - a certain allure I think, certain standards and expectations.

Shame we couldn;t meet this weekend, but soon hopefully! Did you get my email in reply?


Altered Spaces said...

I loved my clogs and Yes I too discovered them in the '60's! Jill do you recall how much your shins hurt the first few weeks getting used to walking in them:(

Anonymous said...

was sporting almost the same clogs but darker brown in the 90s, hehe..loved them and still think you can pull them of nowadays again, as for so many things that are back in fashion, right girls! ;)

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh you know I bow down to the genius of Largerfeld and have been clip clopping around in my Chanel clogs - which I have to say do not have this sauner factor I have been warned about. Did you see them? http://fashionpearlsofwisdom.blogspot.com/2010/04/finally-chanel-clogs.html

Jen looks so cute in hers too, I love clogs! xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Oh yep the Vague should be out this week in the UK too x

LittleRachael said...

I'm undecided about clogs, to be honest! I'm still lusting after Brogues! I don't remember either the first time round, though, which is maybe why I adore Vintage so!


the nyanzi report said...

Jill I love your reporting.
It keeps me glued to the screen and I mean 'no blinking.'
I'm not a fan of 'cloggy' myself but hey, 'if they look good, roc em.'

Carrott said...

I love clogs (especially this version) but I don't see myself in them. When I was a child I bought a pair every single summer and they remind me of that time.
I don't usually go crazy with trends, I'm not a compulsive buyer. I wait until I see something that I like. I've seen a few clogs but I'm still not sure about them.

Adorngirl said...

i am with you jil. I don't like clogs, but when I see women like Jen rocking them, and making them look stylish I find muyself getiing slightly swayed. I wonder if I should get them in tan.... or cream?

daisychain said...

I really am starting to sway toward clogs

the style crusader said...

haha! this is too funny! jill i totally was not expecting to see my face on here when i came to your blog! how funny. oh man, in that second photo i must have been giving the mrs the evil.... whoops. i totally did not expect to fall for clogs, but i really have. now if only the warm weather would return so i could wear them with bare legs and dresses... that is what i really want. p.s. thanks for all the kind comments! xx

Ms. Scotch said...

I, too, join the ranks of women that willfully fall victim to the Chanel factor, but the clogs? Not so much. (At least for me!)

jill said...

Okay, this is really scary... we just got in from Dover (that's another wonderful story!) and I went to post and saw all your lovely comments.. I can't even say this. Okay, I'm going to:

I'm coming around to the idea of clogs. Again.

Carrott: I'm like you, not a compulsive buyer, don't tend to follow trends (but I'm aware of them: some I choose to 'follow', some coincidentally seem to coincide with what I'd wear anyway). I'm cynical about what the 'industry' tells me to wear, but.. I'm laughing to myself as I'm typing this: I'm easily influenced by my peers, which in this case are you, my virtual friends ; )

Better get posting: Mr. Dot is going to get off the phone any minute and start barking for his dinner! Thank you on Jen's behalf x0x

Anna Katrina said...

those clogs are so cute.. i love how they are in now :) you take amazing photos

Anna Katrina

Platform P said...

I for one will definitely be getting my hands on the new Vague. I am such a fashion sucker.

<3 her clogs & great shots Jill.


San said...

She's sooo cute. And I love the story.

However it obviously seems I'm old, since dislike clogs.
I don't think I ever owned a pair but they are wayyyyy too much like the "barn" shoes my grandma has in her scullery, waiting to be worn for feeding the chickena or carrying out the dung of rabbits and pigs.
I'm crazy about shoes, but clogs ?! NEVER.