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Last week, I was with my friend Natayla, who just started a wonderful blog called Treasures of a Ladybug, in one of my favourite places in London: the V&A courtyard. From a distance, I saw Sinead, and ran towards her with what I assume was her family (I didn't ask!). They found us after their lunch in the restaurant inside, and we did this quick shoot.

Sinead is a photographer: this is her blog. Even if she hadn't told me, I'd have known she was artistic: she somehow transformed a rather busy space into something magical. Mr. Dot just looked at the photos and said they were 'dreamlike'.

She mostly wears vintage clothes (I love what she did with the skirt: simply pinned it up like a bustle), and while I didn't know from a distance, it's only fitting that she's wearing two patterns of polka dots.* And that as yesterday's theme was orange, today's is the next in the spectrum: yellow.

*(and the lovely Jazzabelle of Jazzabelle's Diary has just confirmed: Sinaed's gloves appear to have been purchased @ the V&A shop: click here). Thanks J!)

Thank you to those who entered or participated in my first Annual Polka Dot Princess of the May Pole competition on the facebook you've been dotted club.
Leah, of the blog by the same name, is the undisputed winner, but on Friday night, I awoke suddenly and it was as if the May Day Muse spoke to me and said: 'make them all the winners'.

I know Leah will have been busy this weekend, but we'll do an online interview with her soon. Soon, tho, I'll be posting a shoot of another entry, Daniela, so stay tuned. In the meantime, this is Polka Dot, signing off: to watch a bit of telly, then sleep and, perchance, dream.


the style crusader said...

beautiful. i love the flowers in the foreground... lovely lovely shots. xx

the style crusader said...

p.s. congrats to leah! she is fabulous and a well deserved winner!

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

she looks so beautiful, the polka dot dress is lovely. and the gloves, from the v&a shop i believe, inspired by the grace kelly exhibition.

congratulationss to leah!

love, jazzabelle. x

Style Slicker said...

The photos are beautifully shot, well done!

Erm what kind of flowers are they? I've never seen black coloured flowers before :S

EML said...

omg im really not into plants, flowers or anything gardening relatet but i SO need this kind of flowers. jesus they are amazin.

i wouldnt have thought that ill be freaked out about flowers one day, but apparently even that is possible.
im off to dream about gardens full of black tulips(?) then.


Platform P said...

Cute quirky style. Love the outfit against the back drop.

Just posted about our strange (near) encounter fyi.


The Fashion Cloud said...


I have just booked a place to come and listen to you talk at sketchbook on thursday. I have swatch event just before but hopefully I will get there in time. So glad they are up for another month and was thrilled that you are talking, can't wait!!


Loli said...

sooo summery! you look like sun itself :D

Emily said...

Beautiful Post, Once again. I especially love the first photograph.

Congrats to the May Day winner! And thanks again for the opportunity.

Terry said...

I'm going to miss your blog as I travel north
Wednesday and Thursday.
Spring looks lovely in London with all the flowers and the pretty spring colors

adrielleroyale said...

Lovely!!! :)

cecylia said...

Wow those black tulips are stunning!

UnoCosa said...

i love the motto of "everyone is winner" - it's so true and everyone deserves to be reminded of that from time to time ... i'm sure you've made many people happy w/ this post -

photographs is beautiful - the style is sweet and retro, and i love LOVE that you picked the magnolia bud .... ;-))) why don't you send me couple of your nature photos - i will work them into a post??


Anonymous said...

congrats! such a lovely girl! wow, are those black tulips, hehe!?

such a cute yellow dress, she can pull that off, definitely!

San said...

I just love those gloves, WANT.

jill said...

Thank you all. Jazzabelle you've got a good eye: Will ask Sinaed if that's where she got them!

UnaCosa, that's a great idea! I'd love to. Let's do it, I love your blog!! (everyone check it out, she's amazing).

Yeah, those black tulips.. I remember seeing them at the Chelsea Flower show a few years back and someone saying they were going to be all the rage in the garden world. When we did the shoot I glanced around and they caught my eye.

Terry, have a safe trip up North. I'll miss you too while you're not online! ; ) xo

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

thank-you! here they are: http://www.vandashop.com/product.php?xProd=5767&xSec=369&navlock=1

i wanted to get myself a pair of these a couple of weeks ago, but they are just too big for my fingers!


jill said...

Thank you, Jazzy! Will add this (& your link) to my post asap ; )

Blindcopy said...

wow, what a fantastic picture with the black tulips!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Lovely girl, great pics!

Style Odyssey said...

there's just something about yellow polka dots...
what a darling girl.

are those black tulips?! i used to grow "black" pansies (really a deep purple, but whatever). ok, i have to plant black tulips next spring!

one more thing: go, leah!!!


Miki said...

Cool black flowers!

Leah said...

Love her dress... so apt to be dotted. I think I will wear more dotted dress so that I'll be dotted too.

I'm so happy to be the winner... the things I have to do to convince my friends to vote for me are just too outrageous to mention. Hahaha!

Have a great day Jill! xoxo

Anonymous said...

She turned out as lovely and beautiful as when you spotted her:) It was really a perfect setting to shoot. The way she had pinned her dress at the back, was just brilliant. great pictures!