i am the decisions i make

This is Emily, my new friend, who was in the post the other day ('lit from within'). She is wearing riding pants and a pink/nude dress worn as a top, both from American Apparel. The cardigan is her own.

With her permission, I"m printing her email to me, below. Please bear in mind she is 19, English is not her first language, and she wrote it without expecting me to publish it:

"Jill,once again,thank you for the post. Your words are beautiful and I can say i'm truly happy to see you take a deeper look at someone's way of being,not just the appareance also their personality,character,mannerism. Of course there are some positive and negative reactions,they'll always be and no I don't mind.This is me,good and bad,mature and silly or childish,i'm true to myself and the people around me and I want to evolve and improve myself once I've learned from my own mistakes, not just because someone else says "but it's not right to do that".I am the decisions i make and won't appologize unless my actions affected someone.I have been tought to treat people nice,be understanding and embrace variety and the fact that they have small 'pleasures' doesn't make them less humans.Should vegetarians hate the people that eat meat?Or the other way round. Should people that live a quiet life hate the ones that like to party and dance? We have free will,it's just a matter of how far we choose to push it.

Also,the pictures of you are soooooo pretty,I'm jealous. Hope to see you soon.xx

Sorry if i've made any spelling mistakes,it's been such a busy long day,it's just a matter of seconds until i fall asleep."


the style crusader said...

i love this. that is a great quote that we are the decisions we make. she is beautiful and it is hard to put yourself out there on a blog that gets thousands of hits a day and be open to what people have to say about you - nice or cruel. she is a great great girl. xx

Cecylia said...

Wow her bodysuit is amazing

C. Anne said...

She truly is lovely inside and out. I think having a mind of one's own is the most important thing, not to be swayed by what a hundred or even a thousand other people's opinions. I think she's got a good head on those shoulders, a pretty one too!

the nyanzi report said...

Iam what iam. live with it.
make your decisions and live with them.
This is a great post.

BTW, i like your political commentary, the way you sneak it in between fashion talk. very clever.
it's the year of 'the blues.'
i knew 'the blues' would take it, both politically and sportswise ( chelsea, if you are at all interested in football)
i knew it back in january when Charlie Rose interviewed him.
charlie is never wrong at his predictions. look at his obama interview he did back in 2005.

Anonymous said...

that is so true! my saying as well, "stay true to yourself" & "don't change cause other people want you to be someone "THEY" want" and when people don't accept you and the way you are, they don't even care and try to understand where you are coming from! I know that can be very frustrating from time to time..cause you don't even know what you have done wrong to have offended them ect...well, i love your blog! no matter what! keep posting and free your mind! if people don't get it than, they have to move on..as sad it can be..

dearest greets! xoxo

The Photodiarist said...

Love every word of this post. She's spot on. And gorgeous too.

Alma said...

I definitely love your blog. And you know why it's that special? Because except the pictures taken I always find amazing words about life, people, landscapes. You have a natural way of catching on the beautiful in everything!

Olivia Isabella. said...

I love her e-mail and I think she does very well considering it isn't her 1st language and manages to express her views pretty eloquently!
Btw Jill, I replied to your google e-mail, but another of your e-mail is posted quite a lot around your blog and I was just wondering which e-mail you would prefer me to e-mail you at?
UO x

Serina said...

Can't believe she's 19! But that's a lovely email. And her English is great I think, apart from the minor spelling! Beautiful photo again too...

Are you still wanting people to do the american apparel advertising thing?


Anonymous said...

I am an avid non-smoker, if that makes sense, but also a firm believer in free will. At 19 Emily has a lot of living and learning to do, however, she is so well spoken and knows who she is, she makes her decision and stands by it. What more can we ask of young people? We too, were all once a teenager, young adult, etc., and each one of us is ultimately the sum of our all of our experiences, good, bad and otherwise, so good for Emily for being true to herself.