it's not about the sex, stupid

There's so much I want to say on the subject of Sex and the City2. I haven't seen it - I might or might not tonight, we might actually get sold out (we can't reserve with our Cineworld unlimited cards) - and frankly, I didn't like the first film. I didn't get it. I've always been the type to resist hype of any type (hey, that rhymes!) and I love that piece by Lindy West (see sidebar).

I liked the series, but when it first came out on tv, I was no longer living Carrie's life in NY: I had married Big, moved to London, and I just felt like 'what is all the fuss about'. For me, it was never about the clothes: I knew (i.e., knew of) Patricia Fields in NY, frankly, she was old then, and I always assumed the four characters were just that: characters. Types. Stereotypes. Quadrotypes, actually.

So, it wasn't about the clothes. It wasn't about the sex, either: most of the time the four of them were sitting around in bars or cafes bitching how they weren't getting any. (I had friends like that, too. They could never believe how easily I found all these cute eligible men in NY. But I was always, like Carrie, drawn back like a moth to a flame, to my Big).

So it's not about the clothes, and it's not about the sex. So what is the fuss about? I was talking about it at a fabulous dinner last night at Polpo, with my friend (Mr. Dot's good friend, the Publisher's, wife), while the men talked about fishing. It's about the loyalty of four female friends. That's what was so amazing about the Princess March on Tuesday: the instant kinship, not a bitch in the bunch. That's the TRUE urban myth. IMHO.

Shot on Tuesday @ the Orangery, Kensington Gardens. Jennifer, Shini, and the Princess.

Jen put together the most wonderful video on the day. Is there nothing that girl can't do?


Anonymous said...

so well said! think same here! it's more about the bond between girlfriends and that it's almost like family! we are family... lalala, hehe! ...
these picks look like so much fun! definitely some lovely Ladies in the City!


Platform P said...

Soooo true. I met some lovely girls that day, and everyone seemed to intantly get on. 14 girls and no drama- amazing!


Leia said...

Pretty pretty girls and pretty stripes!

I always thought "sex and the city" wasn't a good description of the show... neither is "desperate housewives" - maybe the title is just meant to get attention??

birkinbagbeauty said...

Your looks are fantastics...classics striped funked up to 2010 style with each of you giving your own personal twist.

Loooove the title...I wish I had the guts to actually say that to some j%$rk every now and then.
It is actually the true Urban myth and something I wish to attain: that true bond between girlfriend with not a single inch of bitchiness of competiteveness in sight! That is, to me, the appeal of SATC...bond between girlfriends and true chosen kinship!

Love Food said...

I'm not the biggest sex and the city fan, I do prefer the series to the firt film, it felt to me like they'd just stretched out an episode into a film, if that makes any sense?
Great photos!

Lydia xxx


styleeast said...

I'm off to see it tonight - tempted to take my camera in case girls come dressed up! Another lovely feature about Tuesday with some more beautifully natural photos x

Silkybow said...

hey thanks for adding me on your blogroll! ^^.

The picture you've posted look really nice and thanks for sharing their blogs as well. Everyone has such amazing inspirations to me.

Style Odyssey said...

Excellent post. I'm like you, anti-hype. I usually steer clear, as I don't normally get on any bandwagons. It's just the way I am, and clearly you also, Jill- one more thing we have in common... :)

When the show SATC was still running, I never saw a single episode. A few of my friends would rave about it sometimes, and I'd assume they were talking about some vapid soap opera, til one said to me: "Oh, you must watch. You'll love the clothes and shoes." Well, one night, Mr Odyssey and I did watch an old episode- almost by accident- when there was nothing else appealing on. He was amused. But I was hooked on the re-runs. It was the clothes, shoes, and humor that did it for me. I ended up buying the whole series on DVD!

Leslie in Adams Morgan said...

I'm like you ... I resisted the hype and didn't watch the series until it was over and on DVD. When I did finally watch it, it was a marathon of episodes.

For me, it wasn't about the clothes and it wasn't about the girlfriend connection; it was most definitely about the sex, or more specifically about the dating-world relationships. Many of the episodes were exaggerated but quite a few stories resonated with my experiences as a single girl ... for example, the time carrie (I think it was carrie; it's been awhile) was dating some guy and ended up in his dorm room thinking "what the hell am I doing here?" or the post-it guy who was perfect in so many ways but they just didn't click.

I agree the first movie wasn't that good. I enjoyed it because I missed the characters but it was too over-the-top and the story lines (with the exception of Miranda and Steve's) too unrealistic. I'll go to the second movie, but will always think they would have been better off leaving the last two episodes the finale.

Maybe the pull of the series was that it appealed to everyone on some level, you with the Big story and others with the girlfriend/family connection and me with the "hey, this dating world is kind of universal." (I'm now quite happy with my Aidan and out of the dating world.)

Adorngirl said...

The crazy thing is i didn't really like the first film, but becase I really loved the series, i will go to see the second, although I'm not in a rush.

At the end it is all ablout having those true friends that you can be yourself with, cry, laugh, drink, and speak your mind knowing they wil always be there, and that is the formula that akways makes a show amazing, when they get that chemisty right, it's right.

Style At Every Age said...

I am obsessed by SATC, but I still find other peoples opinion on it interesting - great post.

Pearl Westwood said...

I am with 'Looking Fab' I love it to death, if I wanted something realistic I would watch Eastenders. The more OTT the better for me!

jill said...

This is so interesting. I'm more with Adorngirl, altho I didn't really like the first film I still really want to see the second. Plus the first time, I happened to catch it alone on a weekday afternoon. Last night - when I ended up not going because of an accident at Hyde Park, how random is that - I wanted to go as part of an event of being with other women. Even tho I only knew one of them!