leap of faith

Last night Mr. Dot & I were sitting down to a nice dinner of M&S chicken kiev and his food on the planet, roast potatoes made the way he likes them, nice and crispy.. next thing we know all HELL is breaking loose on the UK news.

I realise this is a global blog and I know that even in America this isn't that unusual (I called my Mom when David & Sam Cam were going in to see the Queen, asked her to turn on one of her half a dozen televisions, then hung up on her) but for us here in London, it was.. EPIC.

Anyone in America old enough to remember OJ in the White Bronco? That's what it was like: national newscasters watching helicopter footage of Gordon Brown & his family in a black Jag, speculating out loud about 'he's turning down Pall Mall, if he turns right on such & such a street he's going to see the Queen RIGHT NOW'. This was totally off the script, everyone was making it up as they went along. We were all texting each other like 'ARE YOU WATCHING THIS?? IT'S SO WEIRD!!"

Oh! The photos. Right. I met Toni, of the brilliant blog Fashion Cloud, last Thursday @ the Sketchbook Talk I did with Jen the Style Crusader, and we just instantly became friends. In fact I shot thesethe moment I met her.

So last night, as this was all unfolding, Toni & I started tweeting, we were so on the same page. I had this image of the Queen and Prince Phillip sitting down to THEIR supper, on trays, in front of the telly, about to watch Coronation Street, when - sod's law - the doorbell rings & there's Gordon. And then, a few minutes later, there's Dave. Not to mention that back @ No. 10, some poor staff member was frantically changing the sheets in the master bedroom.

I know we shouldn't talk about politics, religion, or money, but my money is on this New Conservative government - supported by the LIberal Democrats - being a real shot in the arm for Britain. I'm willing to take that leap of faith.

It might sound contradictory to be pro Obama in America and pro Cameron in the UK, but, hey, they're both Blue parties. I've always been more of a Blue girl than Red, frankly. I found Gordon Brown's departing words moving and dignified, and I wish him and his family well.

But Sam Cam does seems like such a girl's girl. I'd be her friend. She looked like a deer in the headlights in front of all that press, but thank god her hair was washed and shiny, and she was doing pretty well with her blue maternity dress & killer heels. She gets my vote. And so does Toni, who also said she's a 'bad jumper', and yet she took that chance, that leap of faith, and elevated clear off the ground. In killer heels as well.

(speaking of JUMP: just got sent this fabulous link to Inside Out (Topshop) from the fabulous Clare of The Eff Memoirs. Thanks Clare! xo )

Bless you all, each one of you, for your honest and supportive and wonderful comments. So what's new in your part of the world?

Toni is wearing:
T-shirt: Filles à papa • Cardigan: Zara Men (stolen from the bf) • Jeans: H&M • OTK leather boots: Zara • Bag: NEXT • Silver cuff: gifted by Philippe Audibert


Cecylia said...

Wow she's like a ninja!

Anonymous said...

oh, those images look like a lot of fun, jumping around and looking so pretty! love love her red hair! always wanted to be natural red head somehow, maybe to the love of Tiffany, hehe! ;)
well, colored my hair red once, but that's not the same, although i've got the all very fair/pale skin going on! oh, well! great photosession! greets!

over here the country is going a bit crazy! the Euro is going down somehow, and lot of spending... we will see...


Unknown said...

These photos are so playful!
In our part of the world there still talking about the oils spill and ways to clean it up, its quite sad. Poor sea animals =/

Tobi said...

What a mad few days we have had politically? Its been quite unerving for me to follow not knowing what the outcome was going to be untill last night! Well at least now we have a decision.

I cant beleive that Toni said she's a bad jumper in the first shot is such a dancer's jump! Lovely! Another smashing post Jill x


Olivia Isabella. said...

You know when David and Sam Cameron were having the press shots in front of number 10 and he did that excited nuzzle/smile thing on her cheek? That was THE single most cute thing I have ever seen.
UO x

Adorngirl said...

Great post. love the juxtaposition of Miss Jumping Jack Flash, and the seriousness of the times ahead.

Love Food said...

Great pictures. The colour of her hair is amazing!

Lydia xxx


EML said...

Oh the news yesterday were soo exciting ;)
First Brown resigns (I actually wanted to give him a hug...) and then he gets into his car and no-one knows where he's going. and the tv presenter got absolutely exctited because he didn't know what was going on. I can't remeber when I prefered to watch the live news than to chat with my friends on facebook.

And there was a certain fashion aspect about it. First of all both wives were wearing blue dresses (which convinced me to wear mine today) and then the Queen's dress. I absolutely loved that one!

I'm not really pro or against anyone. I'm staying neutral and trying to see things objective. (and my mum's having her 'you should really think about doing politics at uni'-moment again -.- )

And Toni is so pretty! Absolutely love her hair

daisychain said...

oh man these photos had me smiling! (no mean feat today)

Ms. Scotch said...

Toni is so beautiful! I love that red hair (something I have always wanted)! Though I live far enough from the UK it might as well be on another planet, I too have been following the election. I am curious and open-minded to see what the Cam-Fam can do in No. 10... And it gives me yet another weak excuse to pack my bags on a moments notice and fly to London! I just HAVE to see how things are coming along, riiiight? ; )

Laisla said...

Epic or what. I have been totally out the loop since moving from London to California a year back so I missed the live news...wish I had been there. It all sounds so exciting. So now we have a coalition. Heaven help us. Whatever happens, however it turns out it should be interesting. Two heads are better than one as my old mum always reminds me. They do have an awful lot of mess to sort through and I don't envy them their jobs one bit. Anywhoo on another note...fantastic pics luv, you are so joyful it is contagious! Just decided to follow you. Xx

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Clara said...

This is so weird but i tried to comment earlier but blogger was having issues so it didn't work.

Then i saw this... http://insideout.topshop.com/blog/2010/05/jump.html

Instantly thought of you and this post again!

daniela kate morosini said...

you may have lost a follower the other day, but you gained one in my mum! i watched the WHOLE of the handover ceremony frantically texting away, did you hear david dimbleby talking about whether or not they kissed hands?! i'm sure sam and david have M&S dinners too :)
love the pics jill, so light and carefree! x

The Fashion Cloud said...

Congrats in capturing me in mid air haha
even though my face is frightening in some pictures who cares? I'm jumping :)


jill said...

I missed the nuzzle/smile thing! (Olivia). How did I miss that? That's the problem with the news the other night - we were flipping around channels, it was like no one knew where to look first.. BBC was doing better commentary but Sky was getting better helicopter footage (@ least @ first).. I might have ran to the loo and missed the nuzzle! ; )

These commenets are delightful. And danniekate, please thank your mum from me! Some Style which country are you in?

And last but not least: Fashion Cloud Toni. Yes: who cares, you're JUMPING! xo

Matthew Spade said...

she's super, im a sucker for a red head