whose toes are those

Speaking of shooting our own feet: these aren't mine, they're Jackie's. And while we're on the subject, it just hit me: if Jackie calls herself the Platform Princess, how come she chose flats to her own birthday party? (update: I stand corrected. They ARE platforms! Please see Style Crusader's comment).

A few weeks ago, I was queuing for the lift out of Gloucester Road tube station, and was staring at someone's feet. I liked the toe nail varnish peeking thru her sandals. I was just about to pull out my camera when we the doors opened, and I lost her in the shuffle. Got home, got a tweet from Jackie, who was at a meeting in my part of town.

Three guesses whose feet they were!?


Love Food said...

Oh that's such a coincidence!
And those are very pretty sandals peeping out from under her dress.

Lydia xxx


the style crusader said...

uh oh... those aren't flats! check out jackie's post and you'll see them in more detail. #7. http://www.platformprincess.com/2010/05/hello-lover.html


Platform P said...

Hahaha, you are so funny Jill!

Indeed they are wedged sandals. Flats are usually for work, heels are for play.