something blue

On Friday, when I met Hedvig's sister cause they came to our part of town to talk blogs and meet Natayla, Hedvig wore short shorts. I've been spotting (& occasionally, dotting) girls in short shorts with black tights for a year now, but somehow, the way Hedvig wore it, she's got me in the mood to wear mine today. I wish I had a fringed cowboy shirt like this, but I'm wearing mine with a beautiful Margaret Thatcher era blouse that I borrowed from my mom, who I think got it as a present from her Aunt Ruth, and probably never wore. It's probably expensive.

You might notice that Hedvig has the same head in most of my shots of her: 3/4, turned in the same direction. That's what she likes. She doesn't like smiley shots but sometimes I trick her by saying or doing something stupid just when I'm clicking the shutter. It's become a little challenge for me: making Hedvig smile. The truth is, in real life, she's smiling all the time. Laughing, too.

Hedvig's boots, as in previous post, are new, by Acne. Her linen blazer is by Zara. Her bag is also new, and by Longchamp (that's the bag, she bought it online). And the shorts are ancient Levi's that she's had 'forever'. Her 'lovely silk blouse', in her words 'is from Erin Wasson the model, my sweet girlfriends back in Norway gave me a voucher on shopbop online for my last birthday, as they thought it was a good idea that I got something I really wanted for myself, I ended up with this blouse and a beautiful necklace.'

So that's something old, something new, something borrowed- okay, gifted, and something blue. My little ensemble today is the same, as I've borrowed my blouse from my mom. Am I the only one? Does anyone else do that, too? Sometimes when I get dressed, especially if it's something I'm feeling a bit superstitious about - like flying - I like to tick off the boxes. Old? Tick. New? Ish. Borrowed? If charity shops count. Blue? Most likely. I


the nyanzi report said...

she is stunning! i like her style too.
i've been seeing the posts you've been doing on her. the gal's got 'it'

Carrott said...

This girl always looks impeccable!

The Photodiarist said...

So where's the photo of your outfit?

Anonymous said...

love her style too! very trendy! looking good, girl! hehe

Style Odyssey said...

She's so pretty.
Show us your version, J....we want to see!
By the way, (way off topic)- I have now left Tortola...O.M.G. Mr. Odyssey and cat to follow next week. OMG, weird. Surreal. And yet, I am so happy. (I know you had strong feelings about it; but we had about a zillion very valid reasons for leaving. It really was time to move on.)
OK, back to regularly scheduled programming, as they say: Great post, love seeing Hedvig!

Olivia Isabella. said...

Ooh, I want to see your outfit too!
UO x

EML said...

Old? Check. New? Check. Vintage? Check. Borrowed? Trippe check (all from my mum. you see you're not the only one) Something Blue? Check.

And now what I actually wanted to say: I used to be against the tights-shorts combo. period. I just don't like it. But Hedvig just convinced that it can actually look good. guess I'll try it my self soon.

jill said...

That's what happened with me (Eveline).

Olivia, Photodiarist.. haha I actually could have (gotten some photos) - had camera & was with various friends, but forgot. That's okay: I can wear the same outfit tomorrow & ask someone to shoot me. Please.

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

hedvig looks beautiful, as always. the shorts are great, plus i just adore polka dot tights! i am just the same, i always turn my head to the right when people take photographs of me. mainly because i think i look ugly if i look the other way, i really need to get over this though, seeing as people see me from the the other side everyday of my life.

by the way, jill, will you be attending the fashion in motion catwalk show at the v&a this friday? love, jazzabelle. xxx

jazmine rocks @ jazzabelle's diary said...

thank-you for replying so quickly, jill! i actually went yesterday with my grandma, but i just noticed that the date was wrong on my post, so it came up as friday the 14th. i've edited it now, though. no, i haven't seen her blog before, i shall take a look in a bit, thank-you for sharing the link :)

my grandma was the one who noticed the lemon trees, though i think i remember seeing a few last year. yes, you are right, my grandma really does have a good eye, i shall tell her you said that! she's a really wonderful woman, very artistic. she is a painter, a potter, a poet AND she as written two childrens books, which are out in some bookshops. plus she is an amazing gardener, she grows all of her own fruit and veg (she was even in a couple of newspapers earlier this year for growing a banana tree natrually in her conservatory!). she's truly an inspiration :)

there are four showings throughout the day, here is the link: http://www.vam.ac.uk/collections/fashion/fashion_motion/osman_yousefzada/index.html it's not just for members, but it is first come first serve, so all of the tickets may be gone by now. yes, i'll be attending the eight o'clock showing with a friend, plus iris from 'the fashion diary of a frenchie in london' is also going!

thank-you so much for your kind words, it means so much to me. yes, many people just assume that because i'm skinny then i must have an eating disorder. it does upset me, i was bullied from year 6 to year eleven for my size, and i still often hear rude remarks when i walk down the street. see this post for one of my last encounters of someone being extremely rude to me: http://jazzabellesdiary.blogspot.com/2010/05/black-lace-vest-charity-shop-50p.html#comments. i'm learning to deal with it, but it's very difficult sometimes.

anyway, please do excuse this long, messy comment jill! love, jazzabelle. xxx

Rebecca said...

Hedvig always looks lovely - no wonder she's your new muse!


Natalie Hughes said...

Hedvig = amazing and GORGEOUS boots.

Also, in reply to your comment, I shan't be going to the Topshop thing as I think they're indifferent towards me. I've emailed them a trillion times regarding my blog and for work and they just never reply!

Also, super super busy right now but defo want a doggie to play with when I have some free time on my hands!!